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Thread: Dying XP loss?

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    Dying XP loss?

    It says I have lost 10% of XP but now I'm curious is that current 10% or lifetime total XP 10%? I always seem to go heavily into the red zone even though I was like 90% towards leveling up. I'm lvl 25 and it's taking a bit to level up and for me to die and having to feel like I would have to lvl up "twice" just to level up seems like a ton of a drawback.

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    Just that current level you're on, which I guess is the same thing as total xp lol. But no, it's not a "-10% xp gain" debuff. The bar shows how much you lost.

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    it's not even lost.

    If your xp was 60% of the way to the next level, the 60%-full xp bar disappears on death, is replaced with an empty bar that is 10% filled up with red. Earn xp to reduce the red bar to 0, and as soon as you do, your previous xp bar is restored, exactly as it was.

    Basically, when you die, your xp gain is frozen until you earn enough xp to pay a "death tax" of 10% of your current level-up which point you resume levelling as normal, exactly where you left off.

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    I too thought the red was supposed to show up only if you went below your "earned already during this level" by the penalty. Learn something new everyday, thanks.

    Maybe I should've died more to learn that

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