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Thread: Custom localization not loading

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    Question Custom localization not loading

    Im on A18.1 b6, playing on my own dedicated server.

    I tried to use a couple mods that change some localization values, like THIS ONE, but turns out the description in-game wont change, no matter what I do.

    At first I put the mod in the MOD folder, like all the others, but this didnt work. Then I tested by manually editing "Data\Config\Localization.txt" in BOTH my game client and dedicated server, and it still wouldnt change¿?

    Where else could it be possibly taking the text from, or what am I doing wrong?

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    It can be done with a modlet.
    Say I want to alter the description for the Strength attribute, First I'll test to make sure I know what I'm doing.
    To test it I'll make the /Mods/WeyrProgression/Config/progression.xml file and throw this in it:
    <set xpath="/progression/attributes/attribute[@name='attStrength']/effect_group/effect_description[@level='1']/@desc_key">attStrengthRank01DescWeyr</set>
    <set xpath="/progression/attributes/attribute[@name='attStrength']/effect_group/effect_description[@level='1']/@long_desc_key">attStrengthRank01LongDescWeyr</set>
    Then I'll make Mods/WeyrProgression/Config/Localization.txt and put this in it:
    This just replaces the very first level's description, but this is one way to do it.

    Make a new localization key for the item in question and then modify the item/attribute/whatever to point to your new Localization.
    Basically you want a unique unused identifier that is unlikely to be used by other modlets (Like me throwing Weyr on the end of these example keys).

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