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Thread: No perk points in vain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzHawkeye View Post
    Keep in mind Carl, he's talking about groups, sharing quests, and wasn't specifically talking about clear quests. A group could do that many fetch quests sharing the quests amongst each other, each collecting the full rewards for each quest.
    Yep. We do the fetch quests first, and then the clear ones if we run out and still have time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orclover View Post
    Sure it's possible. 3 hour days oughta do it. Assuming you have a size 4 city with 3 traders around its border.
    Yep I can totally do it solo, part of it depends on luck. We have 3 traders in a 2km circle. Usually I get 1-2 fetch quests per trader per day. So usually I can run 4-5 fetch quests really fast. Those take hardly any time at all to do and at 5k dukes a pop thats 20-25k. its also more if you've specced into daring adventurer as you get extra dukes.

    Then If we do it as a group we can get 80-100k easily in a day.

    With motorcycles its pretty easy to do so. We do play on longer days so if your playing on shorter days it might only be 10-15k, but still quite easy to get a lot.

    I'll also do lower tier ones too because they are much faster for clearing and still give a few k dukes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperbolt View Post
    It was alpha 15 and earlier that had crafting as action skills. In alpha 16 they functioned like perks, you had to manually spend points in them. They were level-gated, however!

    Action skills is the nr.1 thing i miss about this game. I know the will never be reimplemented as they were before, so from what im been thinking, how about this:
    There is 7th tab im the perks menu, called action skills, all having a max of 100 levels.
    You cannot put points manually in these skills.
    These skills are separate from the perks, meaning no perks are tied to any specific level in the similar action skill.
    There are skills for all weapons and some other skills, for example:

    Bladed weapons
    Blunt weapons
    Fist weapons
    Explosive weapons
    Technological/misc weapons
    (the spears could either have its own category, or maybe they could fit into Bladed weapons?)
    All weapons would gain like, +0,3% increased damage per level.

    Mining: (dealing damage to blocks with tools) +0,5% block damage
    Athletics: (spending stamina) +0,3% stamima regen
    Bartering: (buying and selling goods) +0,3% trading efficency
    Scavenging: (looting) +1 to gamestage loot
    Construction: (crafting and upgrading) +0,3% crafting speed and +0,5% upgrade speed

    Leveling these skills would be rather slow, like 50% slower that the alpha 16 skills were to level. And yes, they should only give a small bonus, the perks should still be the major component of powers.

    This is what i would wish for most of all... But i guess that will be left to the modders.
    I agree. I miss the learn by doing, but I also remember being torn between saving ammo for my best guns, or using them so that they didn't suck when I needed them. I think a hybrid system would be best. Kind of like theory/practice.

    I would also like to see a "resting" system put in place for single player, where you need safe places to sleep. I find it a bit weird that my character just keeps going like he does.

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    So here is my take on why weapons being attached to attributes is a bad idea: Shotgun shells.

    There are two forms of ammo in this game that are not brass dependent: junk turret ammo, and shot gun shells. Shot gun shells require paper and lead, and as such if you are out of brass, or brass is rare, you will never be without ammo if you spec strength and perk into shotguns.

    Now, here is one thought: make weapons skills dependent on quest completion? each quest gives out 1 to 5 quest points based on tier, and quest points are spent on weapon skills. another option is that the challenge quests will give a weapon skill point, or will let you up a weapon skill, and you complete those to gain those skills. So when you do drunk and disorderly, you will gain a skill point in fists, and there will be a different version of the quest for each weapon.

    I can see this getting fun by having a baseball bat quest on top of a high building and having to power hit vultures to master clubs.

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