Summary: Barbed wire being damaged/broken causes server crash

Game Version: A18.1 (b7)
Platform: PC
OS/Version: Windows
CPU Model: Intel i7 7700k
System Memory: 16GB
GPU Model and VRAM: nVidia 1080ti
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
Video Settings: Ultra
Game mode: Client on Dedicated, RWG = West Wokee Territory

Did you wipe old saves? No (pre 18 stable yes)
Did you start a new game? No
Did you validate your files? Yes
Are you using any mods? No
EAC on or off? On (but have tried it off too)

Status: NEW

Bug Description: Barbed wire causes the server to crash & return players to main menu

Reproduce steps:
1) Go to location place multiple barbed wire
2) either damage/break yourself or have zombies do it
3) cry at crash to main menu

Actual result: Horde base has a lot of barbed wire, on turning bloodmoon back on we crashed when zombies appeared and started damaging/breaking the barbed wire. It is caused by multiple different barbed wires, some are fine other cause crash to main menu (This is a save that start on release of A18 stable only & has happened since just had chance to report it (it is still an issue)

Expected result: Barbed wire able to take damage/get broken without crashing the server

RWG info:
World Name: West Wokee Territory
Original Seed: VendorTrash
Data Export Time: 4 minutes 3 seconds
Total Generation Time: 32 minutes 23 seconds

Personal Logs:
Server Logs: (outdated server no longer saving logs since lastest patch) (Video of it happening) (Screenshot of coords)