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Thread: Better looking decor

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    Better looking decor

    Right now our ability to make things look new and nice is very limited, for example our selection of appliances is not only small but they also don't look very nice (broken and or dirty looking), same thing with furniture like couches and beds and such. The paint selections are very lacking in nice colors and floor and wall designs and so forth, not only is the selection limited but most of them look dirty and old. I don't know about others but when I take all the time to build or remodel a house or building I would like to make it look good, not like its 50+ years old and falling apart.

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    I came to these forums looking for a suggestion section. Then I looked to see if anyone already suggested more paint color options and found your thread.
    I have to concur. I love playing with zombies on and off. I do my own "Flip This House" that I find creative and relaxing. Better looking items and more paint color options would be so fantastic!

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