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Thread: PC Master Chief Perk Bugged?

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    PC Master Chief Perk Bugged?

    After playing online just a Local Game with a friend and only into night 14 we noticed that if we put a 2nd skill point into master chief we were no longer able to cook any of the grilled meat, bacon and eggs, etc. I used a second world file to get myself exp and recreated the problem and was only able to fix the bug after making pumkin bread?

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    Please post in the right section. You are reporting a PC bug, and this is the section for consoles.

    Secondly, please use the bug reporting form, so that the testers have the information they need to adequately investigate your issue.

    ^ That's the PC Bug Reports section. You'll have to choose the right thread yourself, since we don't know what version you're running, but they'll all have the bug reporting form at the top. There's also the General Support section to get help with non-bugs.

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