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Thread: Weird bug lost me my toolbar

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    Weird bug lost me my toolbar

    So I'm driving through the wilderness on my motorcycle, when the game hitches for a sec, all the grass goes away and then comes back and I'm on a bicycle. The games hitches again and I'm back on my motorcycle, in first person, with the bicycle somewhere behind me and I cannot stop moving, or get off the bike. I quit the game back to the main menu and load it back up, and I'm in some weird state that's hard to describe. No UI, can't really move, but can open the crafting menu and the map. I can't reach the Escape menu, so I Alt+F4 and start the game back up. This time, I can do everything normally, except everything on my toolbar is gone.

    So how do I get that stuff back?

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    you won't get your stuff back, spawn stuff in creative mode if you can.

    i reported it 2 times, got 100% ignored.

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