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Thread: It's Always Horde Night

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    It's Always Horde Night

    It's part of the multiplayer experience I suppose. You have a group of players and they can get on the server and play whenever they'd like. But quite often, players will come onto the server in singles or pairs and stay on until just before a horde night. Then when others come on, they have no chance to prep for the horde. Aside from sucken it up Buttercup, has anyone had experience with this before and "dealt" with it? Like establishing specific server times and/or rules?
    On our little group's server, I won't get on and play alone unless it's more than 2 days before the bloodmoon.
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    well you can always just log off if you don't want horde night, but I see your point and it was not a problem on the servers I played on

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