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Thread: Trader Quests

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    Trader Quests

    Im getting buried quests that are buried under the roads, should this be happening?

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    I believe this is expected behaviour. The roads are (AFAIK) not marked in any way to be roads in the worlds data files, so to avoid roads having buried chests under them would mean either to add such markers into RWG data or adding a check to the quest that involves searching for any asphalt blocks in the search radius around the quest location.

    And probably this strangeness isn't seen as important enough for the developer time it costs, at least not yet.

    In my opinion it is even a feature for gameplay because it provides variety to the basically simple quests. It means sometimes you have to either tunnel the road from the side, go directly for it and destroy the road, or abandon this quest. Decisions, decisions

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    I'm seeing some under the roads, but also IN POI. I've had the chest replace a section of overhead beam, and a wall block.

    Yep, you could see it about 10 blocks up.

    Buried supplies does not mean the chest is piece of building material.

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    Under roads are not being checked, but they shouldn't be spawning in POI's anymore (A18.2 B2 or later).
    If anyone is getting them in POI's in A18.2 B2 or later, please let us know.

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