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Thread: Headshots how do they work?

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    Ok. Did a test myself now. Did not use the biker, because the biker has "Physical Damage Resist" 20 aka armor. Did use difficulty nomad so that everything is at 100%. Used the fat hawaian (without armor). Hit points 300. Got me a q6 machete with one mod, so it made exactly 30 HP damage aka 10% of his HP. Turned on hitpoints display on the zombies. Gave myself 10 agility and 5 flurry o blows (for weapons speed), no points in Deep cuts.

    Then spawned in 25 hawaians, turned off their AI. Hit them on their leg 7 times or until the leg came off. With bleed their hp were down to about 40 after 7 hits because I had to make a pause between each hit. They always stumbled and I needed them to stand still for assured hits

    Ok, I did 62 hits and got 3 legs off. Expectation would have been 1/10*50% = 5%.

    5% of 62 is 3.1. In this case it checks out quite well.


    I bungled my first test, by the way. I crouched sometimes, counted some glancing hits, hit them until they were dead which resulted in sometimes more or less hits per zombie. Practically I didn't get dependable numbers from that. But with that in mind I got 12% per hit. It seems the damage bonus of 100% for stealthed hits is counted for the dismemberment chance !!

    If you make tests you have to take into account all variables. If for example you test on insane difficulty and make only 1/4 of the damage or the zombies have 4 times the HPs (I don't remember which way it was), then you probably will also get 4 times less dismemberments.
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