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Thread: Command to increase gamestage

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    Command to increase gamestage

    Could someone please assist me in what console command I would need to use to increase my gamestage? I want to test out some ideas on a test world and don't want to have to just sit there and kill thousands of zombies to get it high enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dunno if you can just setgamestage somehow, but at least levelling up should work: f1 'giveselfxp 100000' will level you up. The number is an example, find the limits for it if you need.
    'settime 100 8 00' will set the date to 100 8:00 - although I don't know if that'll increase GS without you actually living the days.. if not, more levels I guess.

    Check help for more accurate info (f1 'help')

    (f1, 'dm' required, of course)

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    I'm pretty sure I saw there was a console command to force a blood moon to spawn, with an option to also force a particular gamestage. But I don't remember the command, so like theFlu said, type help in the console for a list of available commands.

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