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Thread: Server is not displayed in Steamlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiftyTifty View Post
    Literally explained why to you, in the same thread I found that out:
    Ok, but are you sure those random ports are incoming connections, i,e, the first packet is coming from outside to your server? Usually such connections are created in YOUR server and the first packet is outgoing. This is considered a different case by firewalls and usually much less restricted as your own machine initiates the connection.

    This may not be true with firewalls in "paranoid" mode

    Or your server changes the port in the middle of the exchange, in which case it is still let in by most firewalls because it is an established connection.

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    Yes they are, as I used WireShark to see exactly which connections were being made whislt the firewall was enabled. I then disabled the firewall, leaving all the ports open, to see what other connections were being made through the process. Only difference was that one of the IPs in that Steamworks server list was now connecting successfully.

    Re-enabled the firewall, created a rule to allow that IP, and now the server can be connected to through Steamworks, which is what 7 Days To Die uses to handle connecting players to servers.

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    The Steam Network is AS32590 (
    Where you can directly verifiy the Valve Ranges

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