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Thread: Crash while standing on apartment building rooftop.

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    Crash while standing on apartment building rooftop.


    Please pardon me, I never post in forums. I hope I am doing this right, and I apologize if not. I've had two recent CTD while on the roof of an apartment building (city biome, of course.) Each crash occurred on the same building and during the night. The error message asked so nicely that I send the crash report in, I couldn't refuse. A point to note, I just installed a new video card yesterday, same brand, different model. I had the issue once on each card (Both Nvidia EVGA cards. GTX 560 Ti, and then a GTX 750 Ti.) These both occurred on the same map.

    Here are my system specs:
    OS Version: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1
    Processor & Speed:AMD FX-8150 8-core processor 3.60ghz
    System Memory: 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 699MHz (9-9-9-24)
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (EVGA)
    Graphics RAM: 2047MB
    Video Resolution: 1920x1080
    Video Refresh Rate:60Hz
    Fullscreen: yes
    Steam Overlay enabled: yes
    Graphics Driver version: GeForce v340.52 (release date 7/29/2014)

    I have attached an 86kb file ( to this post containing the two folders that have the output_log.txt files in them.

    Also, I know this may sound strange and perhaps not significant, but prior to each crash, If I tried to look into a nearby dead blue sedan's contents, pressing [E] would have no effect. Once when this happened, I had quit back to the main menu and reloaded my game. Once I did that, I could view the vehicles contents again (I was using it for temporary storage.) Not sure if this is just a fluke or among some things that happen if the game goes into a 'bad state' prior to a crash or not.

    ps> I love your game. You guys rock!

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    Has this happened again since? Both of the crashes were different, so it's not looing like anything that can be reliably fixed.

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