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    Unity Assets Bundle Extractor

    Ancient version 1.0 screenshot

    Unity Assets Bundle Extractor (UABE) is a stylish tool that allows editing asset bundles and .assets. It can export .assets files from bundles, import them back, modify most asset formats with plugins and dumps with type information and create a standalone installer from the modifications.
    I tested this tool with 7 Days to Die's bundles but let me know if you encounter any bugs or if you have suggestions.

    I included a 32bit and a 64bit version although it doesn't use much memory.
    Installers created with the 64bit version can't be used on 32bit systems but an installer package can be exported from the 64bit version and imported in the 32bit version to create a 32bit installer.

    Old changelog : here

    Changes in 2.2 beta1 :
    • Add batch import support for raw assets, dumps, Texture2D, TextAsset, TerrainData and MovieTexture.
    • Add an option to retrieve MonoBehaviour type information from assemblies to create full dumps.
    • Add UABE JSON dump export/import and Unity JsonUtility compatible export.
    • Update plugins for 2017.1.* and 2017.2.*.
    • Add type databases for 2017.1.0f3 and 2017.2.0f3.
    • Add a new dialog View->Containers.
    • Add a new column "Container" to the asset list to show assets grouped together properly. Base container assets can be searched for.
    • Add progress indicators for opening .assets files and batch export/import.
    • Improve performance massively for very large .assets files (opening files, selecting assets, removing assets, adding assets, plugin options).
    • Support RGB9e5Float HDR, RG16 and R8 texture formats (will still be converted from/to normal SDR RGBA32).
    • Add big endian write support (experimental).
    • Redo AssetsFileReader / AssetsFileWriter interfaces and add experimental support for more than 2045 files.
    • Improve streamed data file lookup.
    • Add mip map support to the Texture2D plugin.
    • Add compressed mesh support (experimental).
    • Add bundle compression support (LZMA only, experimental).
    • Add multithread DXT1/5 compression support.
    • Use type information to add valid assets with zeroed fields instead of empty ones.
    • Allow entering a type name instead of a type id for the Add Asset dialog.
    • Fix a bug writing .assets files that caused a missing field which in some cases caused further trouble.
    • Improve bundle decompression for LZ4 files by creating a streamed decompression interface.
    • Make AssetTypeInstance more strict on invalid assets or outdated type information (prevent out of memory crashes when trying to view or export dumps of some assets).
    • Rework the plugin interface.
    • Fix a bug importing .txt dumps with long lines.
    • Update the Texture2D edit dialog to and fix a couple of options to represent the asset format properly.
    • Change the default asset list window size.
    • Change the default name format for exports to allow UABE to find the files for batch import.
    • Make the plugin option list double-clickable.
    • Support longer engine version strings.
    • Hide removed assets from unsaved bundles.
    • Use comctrl32 6.0 for the progress indicators, which also changes the look of dialog controls.
    • Fix a couple of small memory leaks.
    • Fix a bug allowing UABE to close before saving bundles.

    Changes in 2.2 beta2 :
    • Add 2017.3.0f3 support (new class database, updated Texture and Mesh plugins).
    • Fix a memory issue for .txt dumps with many lines larger than 255 bytes.
    • Rework the dependency resolver to support external .assets or streamed data file references from inside a bundle.
    • Fix a crash when trying to compress some texture file formats with mip map support.
    • Fix mip maps of crunched textures.
    • Fix the container name to asset assignment with ResourceManager file tables that have names for multiple File IDs.
    • Fix a crash when an invalid File ID is entered in the Add dialog.

    Changes in 2.2 beta3 :
    • Add export support for rigged uncompressed meshes to Collada (.dae).
    • Add a type database for 2018.1.1f1.
    • Add support for DXT and ETC crunch formats (2017.3 and newer).
    • Fix issues importing .txt and .json dumps, and enforce exact float and double representations.
    • Fix exporting compressed meshes to .obj.
    • Fix issues when reading split files.
    • Only show texture formats supported by the file's Unity version.
    • Mod Installers : Automatically remove AssetsTools.dll, and (hopefully) fix the racing condition that caused the .exe to stay open sometimes.
    • Allow the MonoBehaviour type tree stealer to fail for some classes if others succeed.
    • Leave bundled .resource files uncompressed (File->Compress) to fix sound issues (untested!)
    • Add an export button for the View->Dependencies dialog.

    Changes in 2.2 beta4 :
    • Add Unity 2017.4 and 2018.2 support.
    • Add LZ4 compression support (experimental), and add a compression dialog for per-file settings.
    • Mesh plugin : Correct the orientation of bind poses and skeleton node transformations.

    If you have no forum account but want to give me feature requests or want to report bugs, you can use the github page.

    By downloading and/or using this software, you agree to the terms of its license ("human-readable summary").

    Old releases : here
    API Releases :
    Sample Plugin (here or here)
    2.1d API (here or here)
    2.2 beta 3 API (here or here)

    Releases :

    2.1 (32bit : here or here, 64bit : here or here)
    2.1d bugfix, download 2.1 first (32/64bit : here or here)
    5.6.0f3 type package (for 2.1d): here or here
    2.2 beta1 (32bit : here or here, 64bit : here or here)
    2.2 beta2 (32bit : here or here, 64bit : here or here)
    2.2 beta3 (32bit : here or here, 64bit : here or here)
    2.2 beta4 (32bit : here or here, 64bit : here or here)
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