Walkway connected to main building using scrap iron walls to walk on. Additional structural support and door added. Running low on ammo, plans to acquire additional resources.
(playing video at 2x speed... because I can

(2x play speed) Now To Somewhere-7 Days To Die-Scavengers Coop-Ep30

Now To Somewhere-7 Days To Die-Scavengers Coop-Ep30 (regular speed)

Full Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...82QcrBxQ-LgeRI

Randomly Generated Map.
Our goals revolve around scavenging to collect skill books and parts for upper level weapons and gear.
We will stay on the move as much as possible, stopping to craft and forge items, cook food, and restock our packs. Then move on to the next location without getting too comfortable with any one location.
I find the game more interesting as a scavenger. Discovering new areas, buildings, and towns to explore where civilization once existed. The no boundary limit is quite exhilarating.
Now that we have most of what we need from scavenging we have stopped for a while to build a base and test some building techniques as well as do some farming.

Avail Pursuit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh0...v1w96A9TJoOq7w

Now get on with your Pursuit!