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Thread: Chernobyl: Private Server looking for Friendly Players.

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    Chernobyl: Private Server looking for Friendly Players.

    The Private 7 Days Server for Serious 7 Days players.

    Looking for new players to join our community server.

    Bunch of friendly players started this server because we were sick of open public servers where hackers come on and wreck the server and ruin the experience so we started Chernobyl for serious players. The passwording is designed to keep the riff raff out and reduce the hacks going on the public servers right now... Anyone can come join this server if they care enough to read / see our group profile. Share with your mates everybody is welcome.

    Join our Steam group if you want to get involved. We are open to suggestion / ideas also so will be happy to modify items, settings etc if it sounds like a good idea. Most of all we're just a friendly bunch of players

    Server IP:
    Port: 14973
    Password: letsplay7days
    Steam Group:

    Soon as Alpha 11 drops we want to be right on top of it and will begin including additional modifications / prefabs etc then. We'd love new players to come join us before this.

    We have a full range of custom recipes, subtle modifications and enhancements:

    - Stack sizes increased to 100 or more on most items!
    - Some modifications to items such as First aid give you more health.
    - Full range of Canned Foods craftable,
    - Auger, Chainsaw and nailgun are all craftable after reading Home Maintenance Books 1 & 2.
    - Huge range of items craftable which were not before: medicineCabinet, camo netting, lockers, curtains, mining helmet, drywall blocks, bookcase, flagstone, coolers, blinds and all sorts of wedges.
    - Tungsten Reinforced concrete recipes nearly complete. <- this will give 3 times the strength of Reinforced Concrete.
    - Military Grade Concrete recipe in the works. <- testing complete on this and will drop the recipe shortly.
    - Tungsten Tools in the works..

    Anybody doing a big building project will happily grant access to Creative Menu. Just post up in our Steam group.

    Server settings:

    ServerName: Chernobyl
    ServerPassword: letsplay7days
    GameDifficulty: 3
    GameWorld: Random Gen
    GameMode: GameModeSurvivalMP

    ZombiesRun: Default (Day walk, night Run)
    DayNightLength: 40
    NightPercentage: 35%
    CraftTimer: Fast
    LootTimer: Fast

    FriendlyFire: True
    DropOnDeath: Toolbelt only
    DropOnQuit: Nothing
    EnemySenseMemory: 60
    EnemySpawnMode: Very Low 50% (still enough to keep you busy :-| )
    EnemyDifficulty: Normal
    MaxSpawnedZombies: 80

    BlockDurabilityModifier: 100%
    LootAbundance: 100%
    LootRespawnDays: 7 days (Will shorten to 4 days when more players playing)
    AirDropFrequency: 48 in game hours

    LandClaimSize: 21 Blocks
    LandClaimDeadZone: 63 Blocks
    LandClaimExpiryTime: 20 days
    LandClaimDecayMode: Full protection until claim is expired.
    LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier: 32
    LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier: 512

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    Good luck with your new server and all but I wanted to point out unless done on purpose the password has been listed to the public in this post lol. Not a great way to keep out unwanted players...

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    It's a private server. Private servers are not listed. You still need the IP in order to enter the server.

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    The idea of the password is to keep riff raff from randomly joining. The idea is to attract players to play if they have the details / care enough to to want come play. Its an open password..

    Like most private servers these days have a website link with their IP, Port and Password. You just have to do that little extra bit to join...

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