First i want to thank the guys at pimps for their hard work and dedication. I do have to say this is my most favorite game period so that is saying a lot. I enjoy many of the new additions of A11 and appreciate again the hard work. But this post is about the issues i have which i feel make the current build unplayable.

1.Old bugs not yet fixed: There is still the fire eating your stuff bug, from Alpha whenever its been in the builds since as far back as i can remember. Still finding this with forges as well.

2.New bugs i have noticed since a11:
Zombies hit range is amazing, i mean i used to be able to melee them and if you made a mistake they would get you but now they hit from about double the range. I don't assume this is on purpose but its terrible i do not see making them swing and hit you when they are not in arms reach anything but a bug. This particular bug takes all the enjoyment out of melee with the zombie as the melee system feels broken it reminds me of i believe it was alpha 6 where shooting at dogs didn't work and before patched they would maul you while you shot them dead on. This bug also becomes very unreasonable for when you get diseased, or stunned.

Sound problems where dogs can sneak up on you with no sound, sometimes you hear them pitter patter, or growling but now they just approach silently then blamo and we know how frustrating it is to have something just appear behind you without any warning. Which leads me into the next bug.

The spawning system is seriously broken, when a single zombie can spawn behind you out of nowhere on a rooftop. This is so bad, i was alone on a rooftop fully escaped and poof a zombie behind me and I'm taking hits and diseased.....WTF? The spawn system should feel natural like they are people who died and are present in the city, i can understand noise or something to draw their attention would do so but in a zombie like fashion, not..... look one spots you. Then the chase beings and suddenly they are spawning behind you in front of you this is terrible. If you run into them coming tword the noise fine but the magic zombie spawn harassing is terrible in my belief.

These are annoying yes and i hope in time worked out the reach especially the others are manageable, the game breaking one for me is dying respawning in my house to find zombies inside when no walls are broken, then when i escape out my top escape route they come right out my front door which is still there and locked and reinforced they didnt break it down they didnt do anything of the sort they just walked through the door like it wasnt there. The zombies hit boxes seem not to work either when i shoot at the head sometimes 1 shot then others 5 and i can see im getting head shots. Also the bow has a problem where the bow blocks the cross hair sometimes now i dont know about you but shooting what i cant see is a bit hard. lastly the reason i died was i have a purple knife i had just found a zombie spawned on me and when i went to swing the knife nothing, just like the sledgehammer i couldnt even swing these items. it was not lag i tried them over and over to no response they just will not swing. By the time i got my club out i was dead this was my last straw i will wait until some of these serious bugs are fixed if i can because aside from these frustrating bugs i love this game and the pimps work and can say many more positive things than this post may seem to allude to.

I also have some graphics bugs as i can run full everything with great fps on a geforce gtx 970, but i can see in the distance lots of artifacting, and the distance doesn't fully render, zombies malformed, get stuck and stretch. Other than that, zombies

Overall i understand this is still and alpha and i hope it stays for a long time as i love the addition of many features and feel there should be many many more to come. I enjoy the new difficulty but technically broken bugs are hard for me to swallow but im patient, i feel like i need to share them so they get out there. sorry to the soap box forum addicts who have OCD if i post something already posted not trying to upset you but in my own eccentricity i am a non conformist when it comes to forms and formats. hope this helps the devs.

P.s i notice the new netcode needs a bit of tweaking as pings run a bit rougher than they used to with the old system. Thanks pimps keep making this the best game available better. will add more bugs if i find.