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Thread: Compo-Pack for Random Gen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfenstein10 View Post
    I am loaded with many new POIs but ... half the map is empty and I have tried 6 seeds
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    no no no no - something is terrible wrong here in this picture !

    this is how its supposed to be:

    On my last seed yesterday it happens that one town just spawned with half of the prefabs - look most lowerleft town:
    (but I think this is game-based and has nothing to do with the CP - maybe bad seed!? )

    anyway - 90% of the towns should look like the first pic I posted here - a nice mix between vanilla and custom prefabs.

    And in addiction to that:
    every town should look a bit different to each other, because since CP38 there are multiple townships available to spawn
    like Asiatown - Ruralvillage - City(WITH multiple skyscrapers) small/big - 3 different presets for common towns - etc...

    next topic:
    the CP-client Yes/No discussion:

    as far as I heard of since A17.1 THE CLIENTS NEEDS THE PREFAB-FILES ON THEIR LOCAL PC'S !!!
    since that I never heard the opposite from official site (devs)

    It may work without now but I really dont know because I dont have access to a server atm

    So I cant give a sure fire answere here
    All I can do is to recommend all clients to copy all the CP-prefabs into their Prefabsfolder

    I hope this helped to clear out some things

    have fun
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