[SUG] Server Categories and Server Listing categories.

Suggestion: Categories for the servers should be changed in how they list in the server browser. The current listing method leads to much confusion and makes it hard for people to find what they may be looking for. Currently the system has 2 categories for server, Standard and Modded. The servers in Modded though may not be running any modifications at all and are simply using non-default settings. This is confusing to many players, and really is not a modded server.
As such I propose the categories for the servers be amended as such:
  • Default (servers running one of the default set of settings)
  • Stock (Unmodified servers running custom settings, changes adjustable via in game menus, and/or serverconfig.xml+serveradmin.xml)
  • Modded (servers running one or more modified files beyond the serverconfig.xml and serveradmin.xml) (example: assets/dll/config/mods/prefabs/etc/etc).

One way to implement this in the current Server Browser would be to move all the Stock servers back to the "Standard" tab.
Then when the Standard tab is displayed, use the last empty box after the word Standard to Check/Unckeck if DEFAULT ONLY filter is enabled or not.
Thus both Default and Stock would be found under the Standard Category with a quick filter show the Default Only Sub-Category.

This will eliminate a lot of user confusion when searching for servers.