I enjoy the game very much so I hope this is useful to you guys

This is a rather annoying game breaking bug considering they cannot attack the hatch and just keep falling down the stair.

Here a quick gif of it (creative mode in the gif but it happen in normal mode too)


This bug have appear when I bought the game before alpha 12. Still, it happen with every version and it is the same with the current 12.5. My gf and I first found the bug while taking a refuge at the roof top of the gas station, we thought putting a wooden hatch on top of the stair would give us some time.

  • I try it with running and walking zombie,both are the same.
  • It affect all zombie currently.
  • Did not have mod or edit any file.
  • Already validate with no error.
  • Still the same with new game.
  • Occur also in both single player and dedicate server.
  • Does not matter how long the stair is or direction of the wooden hatch.
  • Affect most building block as I recall.