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Thread: Leg Sprain/Break Timer Incorrect

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    Leg Sprain/Break Timer Incorrect

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    If you sprain or break your leg, you can call up the character screen and refer to the buffs panel there to find out how long it will be until your leg heals. The time listed there is very much less than the actual time it takes for your leg to takes nearly twice as long as indicated in that buff panel.

    Steps to recreate:
    1. Jump off something high enough to injure your leg without dying.
    2. Use a splint.
    3. Press 'B' to call up the character window and note the time listed for the leg injury in the buffs panel.
    4. Note the time-of-day.
    5. Compute the time-of-day when the leg ought to be healed according to the time indicated in the buffs panel.
    6. Wait until your computed time-of-day arrives.
    7. Press 'B' again to bring up the character page and notice that the buffs panel indicates there is still lots and lots of time left to go before you are healed. Probably about half what the panel originally indicated in step 3 above.
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