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Thread: Current high demand Pimp Dreams (Constant W.I.P)

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    I want an extremely brutal gurgling sound for eating broken glass death please. Also crafting food and putting glass in it and putting it back in containers in pvp would be hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kage View Post
    Currently working on a list of some of the higher demanding Pimp Dreams that gamers would like to see introduced into the game that can be looked at by The Fun Pimps.

    Current list is as follows

    Skills and Abilities

    - Include the ability to Fish
    (Crafting of required tools, Ability to catch and harvest Fish, Forge for bait)

    *Animal Traps
    - Include the ability to craft and place traps that over time will catch animals which we can harvest
    (See below for a list of Farm Animals, Birds can be captured for Harvest of Feathers and Wild Eggs)

    - Include the ability to raise or capture Farm style animals using feed (Corn, Seeds, vegetables)
    (Chickens, rabbits, Pigs)
    - Ability for Farm Style Animals to breed to produce offspring which grow to harvest-able adults.
    - Other types of farm animals to be used for Farming lifestyles
    (Goats, Lamb, Cows - Eat grass, Harvest Milk, Harvested for Meat, etc)
    (Bees - For harvest of Honey, medical research for curing disease and illness. etc)

    - More plants and Abilities to harvest all grow-able plants to be planted.
    (Any plant that grows, the ability to harvest them and plant them)

    Game Mechanics

    *Signs and Notes
    - Ability to write messages on a plank of Wood or on paper, etc. (Example: Pen and Paper Style, Carved in Wood, Spray Paint)

    *Draw bridges
    - Draw bridges, next to fishing, seems to be one the greatest ideas players seem to think would be beneficial to the game.

    - Players go to sleep for different time lengths to regenerate health, help cure illness, "Cover up" to help warm up. etc

    Weapons and Tools

    *Tools to better remove larger amounts of grass or harvesting plants and/or seeds.
    *More accessory and types for weapons


    - Wider variety of Zombies
    (Water logged Zombies, Cave lurkers, Postman Zombies and many other styles with loot that match their type.)
    **EXAMPLES: Water logged Zombies - Bottle of Murky/Disgusting Water | Postman Zombies - Paper, books, schematics, etc

    - More mineral types
    Add me to the pile of fans who support these features being added to the game in due course of time, but allow me to expand on a couple for ya.

    Fishing - To go with a fishing mechanic, boats of various types to float over bodies of water, plus a good reason to use boats; hostile swimming mobs such as zombie piranhas and sharks and yes, waterlogged zombies.

    Tools to better harvest grass - A scythe would be perfect for something easy-ish to craft in early-ish game, and then later you can construct a weed whacker and maybe even a fully motorised lawnmower.
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    You got a model of that? Rigged and animated?

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