My ultimate wish list for the ultimate game!


1st person shadow cast!
- this one if anything!
- makes things much more immersive
- if added zombies could be alerted by moving shadows
- awareness of shadow in PvP situations)

First person body
- its just nice to see!

Pistol Held farther from body
- just feels too close and low
- its nice to see a little arm

Random Zombie Variance
- clothing or clothing color randomly selected
- skin tint
- random zombie faces
- size variant

Death Animations have chance
- its nice to see zombies immediately ragdoll out after a club or shot to the head

-Terrain tapers off road instead of hard cuts up or down
-road varies in width
-Dirt roads have more random curves

Frozen lakes in snow biome
-one layer of ice
-cut a hole with a pic or axe to get water

Dirt texture under water sources


- makes it less OP in game

Zombie Death Sounds
- No Zombie Death Sound after decapitation
- random change of playing (always makes you think there is another close by!)

Player Zombie
- a few hours after death player body becomes a zombie
- kill to retrieve cloths and, or pack (items can be grabbed before player body "turns undead")
- looks like your character but green skin or something

Shoot through half broken doors

Leg sprain and break happen from shorter heights
- makes climbing more dangerous
- would feel more realistic
- sprain @4,8 blocks (very low chance @4 block)
- break @7,11 blocks (low chance @7 blocks, will still sprain) (leg breaks have chance to cause bleeding)
- death @12+

Heat from placed torches
- starts small, multiplies by quantity placed

Spreading fire
- fire spreads to wood blocks, trees, grass
- determined by wind direction
- put fire out with bucket, or punching (maybe a murky water cannon for base defense)
- fire that burn long enough result in burned forest (normal forest will grow back after a week
- ex: Farcry 2

Bursting though doors
- knocks zombies back
- stun
- sprint and E

Diving and Floating cost stamina
- not much stamina loss, but if it runs out you can ascend

Coyotes only attack in packs
- 1 coyote will flea to others

Rabbits can dig to hide
- rabbits will can 2 block down and 2 over to hide
- dig them out with a shovel

Foggy nights
- extra low distance visibility

Fog particles
- wisps of fog by by terrain


Zombie Rage grenade!
- throw at players to attract zombies
- throw at zombie to send them into rage mode
- maybe use rotting flesh, meat, gunpowder, acid, and a can to craft

RC Cars
- scope out areas
- fits through 1 block space
- car stops after certain block range
- runs on battery
- can wake up sleepers if too close
- would work really well with CCTV! (first person animation is holding a screen! See zeds walking up on ya!)

More 9mm pistols
- its nice to see variant
- so many RL pistols that take 9mm
- maybe a mac 10

More 7.62mm guns
- single shot, 20 round clip rifle
- 3 shot rifle
- lever action rifle

Combat Shotgun
- nice addition for a high level semi auto shot gun
- i feel like this would really reinforce the ranked items (ex: primitive bow, wood bow, compound bow)

- gas and burn baby!

Fire Proof Suit
- throw molotovs with now fear!
- fire wears down item like armor
- no effect when broken

Standard Car
- so many cars to scrap and loot so we should be able to build one

- distract zombies with stone from a further distance
- maybe a high quality slingshot that can throw grenades farther

Metal Bat
- forged steel to craft

Bear Trap
-forged iron to craft


Gated Ladder
- keep zombies and people from immediately climbing ladders
- could also be used for larger POI's

Saloon style doors and windows

Two part door
- open the top half or bottom half

Escape pole
-only down!

Custom world Generation

Use custom high maps to generate worlds

Biome painter to editor
-paints on map

Prefab painter
- select category (city, suburb, destroid, ect)
-paints on map

Draw Roads

-found bugs-

- closing a door, while standing in the doorway, with block in front of you makes you see through walls

- motorcycle has fallen through map while riding it

- too many zombies can push fallen zombies through hatches, and plate walls

- when raining player becomes wet in small bases(5x5) {roof has closed hatch}

-zombies climb ladders at nightmare speeds!

-cars can shoot zombies into space!

-roads can chop with height changes