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Thread: Zombies Sound Effects and Guns Sound Effects. #Xbox One S

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    Question Zombies Sound Effects and Guns Sound Effects. #Xbox One S

    So... I will give an example, when I go to Perishton with the volume up to make it more realistic, the zombies chasing after me makes way too much noises, I literally have to lower my T.V volume otherwise I'm pretty sure I lower the whole game or at least some parts of it... So please, just a little lower for the zombies, they just sound too loud. Maybe it's just my home cinema, lol. Now... The Guns, I haven't tested the SMG nor the AK-47 but I keep seeing people complain about it all the time, like it loops and the sound doesn't stop after firing, let me just say from personal experience, I love the pistol sound effect, but please change the Shotguns Sound Effects, as they are not as realistic sounding as the pistol. Sorry for poor english dear Clare.


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    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for these suggestions, I will add them to the list for the team. It is possible the combination or turning the volume up in Perishton and the home cinema is what's causing them to be loud. I shall add you to the count of people who'd like sound effect sliders, so you can customize which is louder etc.

    For future reference, suggestions like these that are not considered bugs, are best in the General Discussion area. Most players will see the suggestion there and it helps us get feedback about what other players may thing.


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