I'm on XBOX1 and started a new game after not playing for quite sometime. The map I didn't completely explore yet. Only on day 24 and no mini bike book yet but got all the parts waiting. But the map has lots of rivers. Also finally found a big town two days ago playing. Also the town is so big its cut into two biomes of winter and green area. Also every building and shop is there I believe. I even built a bridge with wood frames going across a large river. Also plenty of them two wall brick houses that have a stove and sink and toilet. Most of them sinks have wrenches.


Oh the name of the map I gave it is "Fuzzy". Plenty of rivers is nice for drinking water anywhere you build a base. Only bad part is the book store didn't have the mini bike book. Also seems so far the air drops for supplies all mainly land in the rivers. So I might have to do some swimming later today and hope a mini bike book or sniper rifle is in the crates.