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Thread: Tips for new players

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    Awesome thread. Keep up the great work please!

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    For "Dead-is-Dead" players, defense or not getting hit in the first place is primary.

    1) Focus on ranged weapons. Bow skills help reduce ammo drain and is very strong with stealth if played right.
    Melee is easy early game so no need to waste points, later game you will take more hits and could die easier.

    2) Spend no more than 5 points in strength: 1 for the attribute and 2 for mother load (2 more for pack mule if you must).

    3) Shotguns can be very strong so get your ammo economy going (get mines going ASAP and buy out the trader stocks).

    4) Push Int perks as soon as level gates allow. Focus on Ammo, Weapon, mods.

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