Hi, you might remember me from my last post of frustration:


Well this game has struck again, We (me and my friends on Xbox One) have made another world because we couldnt play the last one due to my friend getting reset, so on this new world one day before horde (day 55) we had just finished the final touches on our epic fortress. 12x16 concrete house, on ground level surrounded by a 8 block wide trench that is exactly 23 blocks deep (took like 7 hours to dig and finish) we covered all rock in the inside of the pit with concrete as well as the flooring and layered the outside with spikes and barbed wire to ensure when the hordes would come they would get weakened then fall in the pit taking damage and finally die on the spikes in the pit. Anyways details aside, the game crashed just an hour ago (the crash you know is coming because the hud starts flickering) So, when the game crashed I didnt delete the saves from console and sync again with the cloud because the last patch fixed the building environment tragedy, so theres no need to do that method to prevent such tragedy anymore.

Well upon loading in the world after what we thought was a typical crash (had the hud flickering crash multiple times zero errors) well i loaded the world back in and our house was completely gone in its place is the generic log cabin that was there prior to us getting rid of it and building our house there (it was really flat land and close-ish to water) so now all of our progress is gone, we had just moved everything from our old house we had been surviving in the past 55 days until we got enough supplies and concrete to quickly put up a fortress inbetween hordes, well that means everything is gone and in its place is this ♥♥♥♥ log cabin, you dont understand how annoying this is. If theres a solution someone let me know.

Also where we decided to build is on the Navezgane map, far west side of the map on the lake, we are at the log cabin on the south-east side of that lake, close to the southern bridge.

It wouldn't be a problem to me, yeah we lost the house and all the 8 hours of work to dig that big ass hole, but its all the supplies we lost. The 500-600 weapons, forges, all the metal, steel, everything. Only stuff left is what was on us at the time.