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Thread: [Known Issue] Multiplayer Disconnection

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    I had this problem and managed to work out it was because I was one of the unlucky souls with the ISP BT infinity on HH5 router.

    That being said a upgrade does sort it and whilst I'm pissy at BT for being the problem they are currently upgrading people to the HH6 for a additional 2 a month which adds up over the contract for less than just buying the smarthub, so I suppose if your the bill payer I'd suggest going that, especially if you were desperate to play it online like I was.

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    My friend and I went through all of the fixes but are still having no luck. I have wireless speed of 10 ms ping, 100 mbps download, and 20 mbps upload speed. My nat settings are open and I have no problems at all playing the game with other friends. The friend I would like to play with has garbage internet but I'm the one hosting the game and he has the can't open items and disconnecting issue. The weirdest part is his girlfriend is using the same wireless connection and she's able to play with me no problem. We've reset our routers, hard reset xbox, changed away from the two characters that people had connection problems, and still no go. I didn't see a fix for this yet, just wondering if there's anything else we can do to play the game together.

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    Disconnected error

    I am trying to join a freinds multiplayer online world is cones up with a a error of disconnection I have looked at all the network settings and everything is fine as I can play multiplayer on other purchased games I have is there anything else I can do to be able to connect to the server when joining worlds thanks you

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