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Thread: [Known Issue] Prefabricated buildings

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    [Known Issue] Prefabricated buildings

    Prefabricated buildings can cause two annoying issues.

    The first, is that placing an item where there originally was a prefabricated item (eg: sofa, car, bed, cabinets) can cause the places placed item to vanish and a glitched block to be left in it's place.
    --- The best workaround for this at the moment is to clear all the surrounding blocks and encorage a dirt block or wood frame to fall through the glitched block. This should pop the block back into reality but anything contained in that block is lost once it glitches and I cannont confirm if this "fix" will prevent it from happening again.

    The second issue is where the doors of the prefab building will re-spawn over doors the player has placed.
    --- Players have suggested destroying any door frame left behind on the walls may prevent this from happening. However not all doors leave behind frames.

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    What about the respawning water in the prefab houses it the same concept as the doors. When all the doors respawn so does the water?

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