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Thread: [KNOWN ISSUE] Freezing while looting

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    [KNOWN ISSUE] Freezing while looting


    Commonly seen after patch 1.06, players run the risk of freezing when looting. This is often shown by a "ghost cursor" appearing as you loot, and upon exiting the UI the character freezes but the rest of the save continues to move, players, zombies, time, etc.

    Workaround: Only tap Triangle or Y to loot. Pressing and holding the button will cause this freeze. It is unknown how long the hold needs to be for the freeze to kick in.

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    about the looting freeze issues

    hi clare

    i am currently on xbox one and i have this issues since the start of my zombie killing experience whatever the freeze occurs a lot of the time in my multiplayer game whit my friend and even whit the workaround it still occurs a lot .... this freeze is really annoying but what i am trying to say is do you considers fixing this anytime soon ? because its still happen since the beginning of my experience in multiplayer. i wanted my friend to try this on is own and its still happen after 10-15 minutes of gameplay. Everytime we leave and rejoin the game to still continue our progress but .... that not how we are supposed to play in multiplayer right? i just still hope that looting freeze issues will be fixed anytime soon .... and i looked everywhere and i found nothing about it only the guys who tells you the workaround seem similar to my case. please respond to this. thanks you . Alex.

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