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Thread: New update wishlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dipakp9 View Post
    More Weapons Variations
    More Zombies Variations
    More Consumable Variations

    I would want the trader post feature - not seen it in action on PC though would like the options to have NPCs on the PS4
    This . Actual additions. Really don't need boss zombies, I'm not 13. Realism is good.

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    I'd like a server listing feature/ bigger max player lobby's

    I don't know about you guys but a simple server listing feature for console's would be great instead of the join a random multiplayer lobby game allow me to join one I already joined before, because restarting your progress over and over again gets old.
    Now I'm aware you can just friend request ppl but I don't want to always have to do that, I enjoy experimenting with people who I don't know and just join the world and see what happens without out it always ending with a mutual friendship, maybe I we may have to have a fight over resources, idk it's the rush of the unknown situation/relationship. Of course I do believe a bigger player limit must first be met cause 4 is to small give us at least 8.

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    1. More Zombie/Enemy variations such as snakes, wolves, & water animals such as crocs or piranha's,
    2. Raiders or just wandering survivors to interact with, help, or just kill
    3. Distant POI view
    4. Different light sources such as craftable football helmet with flashlight attached or army helmet with flashlight attached, etc.
    5. Food variations such as bananas, oranges, apples, nuts, grapes, wheat (to make bread), etc.

    Overall though LOVE this game as is and it only gets better with each update. Great job guys & gals!!!

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