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Thread: New update wishlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dipakp9 View Post
    More Weapons Variations
    More Zombies Variations
    More Consumable Variations

    I would want the trader post feature - not seen it in action on PC though would like the options to have NPCs on the PS4
    This . Actual additions. Really don't need boss zombies, I'm not 13. Realism is good.

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    I'd like a server listing feature/ bigger max player lobby's

    I don't know about you guys but a simple server listing feature for console's would be great instead of the join a random multiplayer lobby game allow me to join one I already joined before, because restarting your progress over and over again gets old.
    Now I'm aware you can just friend request ppl but I don't want to always have to do that, I enjoy experimenting with people who I don't know and just join the world and see what happens without out it always ending with a mutual friendship, maybe I we may have to have a fight over resources, idk it's the rush of the unknown situation/relationship. Of course I do believe a bigger player limit must first be met cause 4 is to small give us at least 8.

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