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Thread: Ferals, Cops, and Zombie Bears spawning, not on a Blood Moon night though.

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    Ferals, Cops, and Zombie Bears spawning, not on a Blood Moon night though.

    I don't know if this is an intended feature, but one night AFTER a blood moon night (Day 15 I believe), me and my nephew (playing splitscreen) were on our minibikes and went through a wasteland biome when we stumbled upon a feral zombie, a police zombie, and a zombie bear all within about a minute. I realize that these zombies spawn in the hub city, but I checked on my map where I have the hub city marked, and I'm sure we were not close enough to the hub city to where those zombies usually would spawn, (plus, there were no buildings in the area like the hub city usually contains). I have no problem with this happening, as it actually made it surprising and more challenging. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything in regards to this happening. Thanks.

    P.S. This happened on the latest patch 1.09, splitscreen, all settings the same, other than: daylight 18 hours, loot 15 days, and supply drops 168 hours.

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    The most recent patch seems to have made this possible. I liked it also and appreciated the higher variable spawns.

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    Im pretty sure you could occasionaly see them at night in the burned and destructed zones even before the patch. Agreed that it makes it more fun.

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