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    Bad Company Manager (ApiMod for Servers)

    Source Code

    For the precompiled binary:
    Bad Company Manager - Version 16.2_b7.1

    Version 16.2_b7.1

    All commands are prefixed with bc- by default.

    In the Mods/BCM/DefaultConfig folder is a Commands.xml file that allows you to change the command text, and in the sub folders are the help and description text files for each command that is displayed in game.

    Any command that doesn't have a text file will display the class name of the command for the description, and an empty help file by default. I have plans for an auto help generator based on command aliases and allowable params, but that's down the list at this stage.

    Current Commands
    (See second post for an examples of the output)

    bc-help - BCHelp, this command will return the full list of commands added by BCM, and some details on common /options

    Output from the bc-help command:
    ***Bad Company Commands***
    bc-help => (BCM) BCHelp - Provides a list of all active BCM commands, and info about /options
    bc-lp => (BCM) List Players
    bc-lpbag => (BCM) List Players Bag (Backpack)
    bc-lpbuffs, bc-lpbuff => (BCM) List Players Buffs
    bc-lpci, bc-lpcinfo => (BCM) List Players Client Info
    bc-lpcrafts, bc-lpcraft => (BCM) List Players Crafting Queue
    bc-lpequip => (BCM) List Players Equipment (Worn Items)
    bc-lpx, bc-x => (BCM) List Players Extensive Data
    bc-lpfavs, bc-lpfav => (BCM) List Players Favourite Recipes
    bc-lpgs, bc-gs => (BCM) List Players Gamestage Values
    bc-lpids, bc-lpid => (BCM) List Players SteamId and EntityId
    bc-lppos => (BCM) List Players Position
    bc-lpquests, bc-lpquest => (BCM) List Players Quests
    bc-lprecipes, bc-lprecipe => (BCM) List Players Unlocked Recipes
    bc-lpskills, bc-lpskill => (BCM) List Players Skills
    bc-lpspawns, bc-lpspawn => (BCM) List Players Spawns (Bedroll)
    bc-lpstats => (BCM) List Players Stats
    bc-lptools, bc-lptool => (BCM) List Players Toolbelt
    bc-lpwayp, bc-lpwayps, bc-lpwaypoints => (BCM) List Players Waypoints and Marker
    bc-gpq, bc-gpquest => (BCM) Give Quest To Player
    bc-rpq, bc-rpquest => (BCM) Remove Quest From Player
    bc-gpb, bc-gpbuff => (BCM) Give Buff to Player
    bc-rpb, bc-rpbuff => (BCM) Remove Buff From Player
    bc-le => (BCM) List Entities Data
    bc-geb, bc-gebuff => (BCM) Give Buff to Entities
    bc-lhcd, bc-hcd => (BCM) List HubCell Data - A list of all prefabs in a given HubCell
    bc-arch, bc-archetypes => (BCM) List Archetypes
    bc-biomes => (BCM) List World Biomes
    bc-biomespawns => (BCM) List Biome Spawning
    bc-blocks => (BCM) List Blocks
    bc-buffs => (BCM) List Buffs
    bc-lec, bc-entityclasses => (BCM) List Entity Classes
    bc-leg, bc-entitygroups => (BCM) List Entity Groups
    bc-items => (BCM) List Items
    bc-loot => (BCM) List Loot
    bc-mats, bc-materials => (BCM) List Materials
    bc-prefabs => (BCM) List Prefabs
    bc-quests => (BCM) List Quests
    bc-recipes => (BCM) List Recipes
    bc-skills => (BCM) List Skills
    bc-spawners => (BCM) List Spawners
    bc-trash => (BCM) Mem Trash - Runs Garbage Collection to try and free up Memory on the server
    /log => Send the command output to the log file
    /chat => Send the command output to chat
    /console => Override command default settings for /log or /chat
    /color=FFFFFF => Specify a color for text sent to chat
    /details => For commands that support it, will give more details on items returned
    /nodetails => Override command default settings for /details
    /online => For ListPlayers commands it will display only online players (default shows all players)
    /offline => For ListPlayers commands it will display only offline players
    /all => Override command default settings for /online or /offline
    ***Output Format Options***
    /nl => Uses a newline to seperate items (can be combined with /csv)
    /csv => Uses a comma to seperate items (can be combined with /nl)
    /nocsv or /nonl => Override command default settins for /csv and /nl
    /csvpos =>  Converts all Vector3 co-ords to csv seperated (default is space seperated)
    /worldpos => Converts all Vector3 co-ords to Map Co-ords
    /spacepos => Override command default settins for /csvpos or /worldpos
    * Add localisation configuraton commands
    * Chat hooks to allow for running all commands from chat instead of console
    * Extensive plans for entity spawning systems and event management
    * (partially implemented) A fully featured web interface that allows for viewing all of this data live, and eventually the ability to manipulate many parts of the game from a remote web browser (no telnet required).
    * Full data tracking of inventory, position, quests, buffs, crafting, and other stats over time.

    Alloc, danilocoppi, and dmustanger ApiMods provided great inspiration, thanks to them for their efforts!
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