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    Bad Company Manager (ApiMod for Servers)

    Source Code

    Web Interface Project

    For the precompiled binary:
    Bad Company Manager - Version 2.5.2 for 7d2d A16.4 b8

    Version 2.5.2 for 7d2d A16.4 b8

    All commands are prefixed with bc- by default.

    In the Mods/BCM/DefaultConfig folder is a Commands.xml file that allows you to change the command text, and in the sub folders are the help and description text files for each command that is displayed in game.

    Any command that doesn't have a text file will display the class name of the command for the description, and an empty help file by default. I have plans for an auto help generator based on command aliases and allowable params, but that's down the list at this stage.

    Current Commands
    (See second post for an examples of the output)

    bc-help - BCHelp, this command will return the full list of commands added by BCM, and some details on common /options

    Output from the bc-help command:
    ***Bad Company Commands***
    bc-help => (BCM) BCHelp - Provides a list of all active BCM commands, and info about /options
    bc-settings,set => (BCM) Settings - Command to set and clear values from the settings persistent cache
    bc-trash => (BCM) Mem Trash - Runs Garbage Collection to try and free up Memory on the server
    bc-api => (BCM) BCBroadcastAPI
    bc-co => (BCM) Chunk Observer - Command for controlling dynamic chunk observers and loading chunk areas
    bc-task => (BCM) Task - Reports running subthread tasks
    bc-test => (BCM) Test - Catchall command for testing new features
    bc-lp => (BCM) Players - Provides extensive information about all players
    bc-pdf,bc-pfinfo => (BCM) Player Files - Player data file information, such as steamid, last online, last write.
    bc-loc,loc,pos => (BCM) Location - Gets your current position and stores it in cache for use in other commands
    bc-admins => (BCM) Admins - Provides information on admins, bans, whitelist, and other admin details
    bc-events => (BCM) Events - Edit event system configuration and report settings and data
    bc-gs => (BCM) Players Gamestages - Alias for BCPlayers
    bc-id,bc-lpids => (BCM) Players Ids - Alias for BCPlayers
    bc-pos,bc-lppos => (BCM) Players Positions - Alias for BCPlayers
    bc-le => (BCM) Entities - Provides information about all entities in the game
    bc-chunks,bc-cc => (BCM) Active Chunks - Information about the chunks loaded by the server
    bc-time => (BCM) Time - Provides server time, ticks, fps, clients, entities
    bc-getspawn => (BCM) Get Spawn - Gets a valid spawn point at the given x,z. Also loads the chunk.
    bc-assets => (BCM) Assets - Provides info on game resources and assets
    bc-go => (BCM) Game Objects - Provides detailed information about the game objects such as blocks, items and recipes
    bc-lhcd,bc-hcd => (BCM) Hub Cell Data - A list of all prefabs in a given Hub Cell
    bc-version => (BCM) Versions - Information about the mods installed on the server
    bc-geb,bc-gebuff => (BCM) Give Buffs to Entities - Buffs the entity or type of entity with the given buff
    bc-gpb,bc-gpbuff => (BCM) Give Buffs to Players - Buffs the remote player with the given buff
    bc-give => (BCM) Give Items to Players - Gives the targeted player items into inventory
    bc-gpq,bc-gpquest => (BCM) Give Quests To Players - Grants the remote player the given quest
    bc-setskill,setskill => (BCM) Set Skills On Players - Allows you to directly set skill levels on a player while they are online
    bc-reb,bc-debuff,bc-rembuff => (BCM) Remove Buffs From Entities - Removes a buff from an entity or type of entity
    bc-rpb,bc-rpbuff => (BCM) Remove Buffs From Players - Removes a buff from an online player
    bc-rpq,bc-rpquest => (BCM) Remove Quests From Players - Removes an in progress quest from the player
    bc-remove,remove => (BCM) Remove - Removes the selected entities from the game by unloading them
    bc-spawn,spawn => (BCM) Spawn - Spawns entities with definable targets and groups/classes and horde counts
    bc-showspawn,manager => (BCM) Horde Spawners - Gets information about the spawn manager system such as active spawns and spawncounts
    bc-tele,move => (BCM) Teleport - Move target entity etc to a new location
    bc-sleeper,sleeper => (BCM) Sleeper - Display and manipulate the sleeper volumes in prefabs
    bc-wblocks,block => (BCM) World Blocks - Insert, report on, and swap blocks within the area
    bc-wblocksrpc,blockrpc => (BCM) World Blocks - Similar to World Blocks but using RPC (remote procedure call) instead of chunk reloading to update the clients, single block only
    bc-import,import => (BCM) Import - Loads a prefab from disk into the world, and activates sleeper spawns
    bc-export,export => (BCM) Export - Creates a tts prefab file of the defined location
    bc-visitregion,visit => (BCM) Visit Region - Visits the region(s) given and reveals the map
    bc-te,tile => (BCM) Tile Entity - Perform actions on the tile entities (loot containers and doors) in the area
    bc-reset => (BCM) BCReset
    bc-prefab => (BCM) Prefab - Edit existing prefabs on the server
    bc-editmode,editmode => (BCM) Edit Mode - Toggles the edit mode setting for the world
    bc-undo => (BCM) Undo - Reverts the previous world editing command
    /log => Send the command output to the log file
    /chat => Send the command output to chat
    /console => Override command default settings for /log or /chat
    /color=FFFFFF => Specify a color for text sent to chat
    /details => For commands that support it, will give more details on items returned
    /nodetails => Override command default settings for /details
    /online => For ListPlayers commands it will display only online players (default shows all players)
    /offline => For ListPlayers commands it will display only offline players
    /all => Override command default settings for /online or /offline
    ***Output Format Options***
    /1l => Returns json output on a single line (for server managers)
    /pp => Returns json output with print pretty enabled (default: on)
    /vectors => Returns all BCM Vectors as x y z objects rather than single string
    /csvpos =>  Converts all Vector3 co-ords to csv seperated (default is space seperated)
    /worldpos => Converts all Vector3 co-ords to Map Co-ords
    /strpos => Override command default settings for /csvpos or /worldpos
    Alloc, danilocoppi, dmustanger, and djkrose provided great inspiration, thanks to them for their efforts!
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