New in 2.5.0
(since version 2.2.3)

Improved param validation and command feedback
SetSkills - Added ability to edit skills while offline. Added unlock for locked skills to fix issues with mods changing skills
Added BCPrefabs - Command to access the info and editing of prefabs in the server's prefab folder
Added BCEvents - Command for controlling the events system and viewing data about the current state
Altered BCRemove - Added a /minibike filter that is required to remove minibikes even when using 'bc-remove /all'
Added BlockRpc - Command for single block rpc block changes, all without chunk reloading required.
Changed Visit Region - Command now accepts multi-region params and reports percentage complete if calling visit while one is in progress
Altered Chunk Observer - removed the y co-ord as it was irrelevant for chunk observers
Added RemoveBuffFromEnemy - Remove a buff from any living entity
Added meta1 / meta2 / meta3 sub command to both block commands. This allows for opening doors(e.g. blockrpc meta1 x y z /meta=1 or 0), or turning lights on / off (e.g. block meta1 x y z x2 y2 z2 /meta=2 or 0) with a command

Added Events system
DeadIsDead - Player file backup, restore, and trigger deadisdead boot and remove profile options
LogCache - Can be used to display the data from the log entries to console
PingKicker - Use threshhold and count settings to define when someone will be kicked for high ping
PositionTracker - Record player movements over time

Defined reactive vs heartbeat events. Reactive is set up to wait for an action to happen, heartbeat occurs on the designated ticks.
Fixed up the code for many commands which will alter some of the params and options available. Help docs should be updated to reflect new usage

Feedback on usability and custom requirements are welcome.