So right now it seems like the way you're 'supposed' to play the game is to build a wall around your base, surround it with spikes/barbed wire to slow attackers, and actively defend with your guns and ammo supply. However people have noticed that results in a rather tedious game of repairing spikes and wall damage. Some people have devised alternate base designs which worked better, like raised platforms over spike fields, deep pitfalls, underground bunkers, etc. The devs seemed to have worked to make these alternate base designs less effective in later updates, such as by giving horde zombies super health to survive falls, making spikes ever more fragile and costly to make, etc.

All this really does though is punish the 'normal' defense strategy to the point it almost becomes useless around day 28-35. You spend countless hours harvesting all the stone and iron in the whole valley, build a giant wall of concrete, build rows of spikes of solid metal; and then a couple of super-zombies break everything by just standing on them. All your resources gone in minutes. You can't even recover the broken iron from the spikes, it just vanishes into the ether.

I feel like at minimum that concrete walls ought to be zombie proof. There's just no amount of pounding on concrete with your meat fists that is going to reasonably damage it. Failing that, zombies punching walls should eventually cause their arms to break. We all know how physics work--equal and opposite reaction--and it just makes no sense that zombies can punch a wall indefinitely without their fists turning into hamburger.

My question is if we're ever going to get any more advanced tools for base defense other than more and more useless spikes?