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Thread: [Known Issue] Meds / Schematics / Cooked food only working from the toolbelt

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    [Known Issue] Meds / Schematics / Cooked food only working from the toolbelt


    This issue involves players being unable to use medical items, schematics/books and cooked food from the inventory.
    Sometimes it works sporadically, for others it does not work at all.

    Known workaround for players so far is to place the item into the characters toolbelt and use the item from there. This should allow you to use any of the items previously unusable by this bug.

    If there is anything I missed on my list that will not work from inventory or if you have another workaround please let me know in the comments below.

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    Had this today during bloodmoon on day 63 got infected and when I used the anitbiotics from belt, pack or medical supply crate wether with the dpad shortcut or the direct use it registered nothing until I had taken several doses b4 it registered and cured it. It may well be that the amount of action on a bloodmoon causes it to lag in response?

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