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Thread: [Known Issue] Character Freeze on Respawn

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    [Known Issue] Character Freeze on Respawn


    When respawning, a player may find their character has frozen or the controller has locked - console button works enabling player to quit game, but all other buttons do not.
    (This issue may also occur when riding a minibike, without needing to respawn, but the workaround is the same)

    Workaround - Disconnecting and reconnecting the controller unfreezes the character allowing players to continue the game without the need to restart the game.

    Question from the team - Has anyone experienced this and noticed a cursor in the corner of the screen?
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    This happens to me 50/50 times when I die. Restarting the game will solve the problem.
    However, I did not notice a cursor.
    Do you mean a mouse cursor or the circle cursor like in your inventory?

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    Freezing after respawn

    YES i saw cursor i was moving around thinking it would high light something but had to exit the game to get moving again. the first time it froze i belive i was able to go out to xbox home screen and back to game to un freeze but with cursor no luck. oh yea both times it was on hoard night and i had bed roll in between my campfire on left and secure chest to the right and i spawned on my bed and bada bing frozen.

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