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    Hey guys,

    Love the mod and what your doing! Great job!

    But, I am having a problem with the guard survivors. I've built guard stations at the corners of my compound with 2 guards at each.(One was not enough to take down zombies without getting into toe to toe matches with them. I have placed a frig (currently using the green one, I have tried them all) next to the guards. I have a few stacks of cornbread, some grilled meat, meat stew, water, and tomato juice in each frig (I've played around with most of the sustainable foods). All of the guards are losing condition and deteriorating. A few of them are getting a lot of levels. A couple have just despawned leaving the gun and ammo on the ground where they were. No body.
    Zombies don't even get close to them at all (they drop them well before 6 blocks away) but they are losing condition that I can't find a source of, and not sure why they are not repairing themselves with the food. They have sleeping bags under them and they are arranged so they are not crossing fire at each other. It's a lot of time invested in searching out survivors and leveling them up, to just have them expire for no good reason.
    Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong, or what would be happening?

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    I assume this is related to the Starvation mod.
    Your best bet would be to re-post this in the Starvation thread.
    I have not used the NPC guards so unfortunately I am unable to assist but eating the higher grade food should heal them if they have been injured.

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