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Thread: multiplayer and single player

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    multiplayer and single player

    Hi guys. Your all doing an amazing job of the game and I hope you can fix the crash and day one reset bug. I'm finding it really hard to play the game now as the crashes seem to be getting worse on my Xbox one. I can not play for more than ten 10 in game days before I get kicked and lose half my stuff. I really hope there is a new patch coming soon that will fix this problem.

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    Hi Paul,

    If you'd like me to look into your issue and see if there's anything I can do to help troubleshoot, please use the guide provided - to give me as much information as possible.

    I'm glad you enjoy the game despite the crashes and we do aim to improve the stability of the game with each patch. I don't have a date for the next patch yet, but keep an eye on news and announcements, any new info will be posted there!


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