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Thread: Prefab Editor (Alpha)

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    Ok, it's a bug in the ingame editor. There's not much I can do about it. I could add two options to my editor though:

    1. A 'remove empty outer layers' option when saving the prefab should delete those empty space automatically when you load and save the prefab with my editor.

    2. There needs to be some kind of write protection option for the 'YourPrefabName'.xml (the place where the sleeper volume data are stored). Or maybe the zombie editor should prevent already existing volumes from getting their positions change by the ingame tool while still allowing to add more volumes ingame. That could be a bit more sophisticated though. I'll think.

    So for now (until I release an update). I suggets to make a backup of the 'YourPrefabName'.xml which is located at (default path): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs. Overwriting the xml with a backuped version and reloading the prefab should reset the shifted sleeper volumes.

    Afaik the warning is not related to the issue but to blocks having unusual damage values. That may sleepers prevent from spawning btw.
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    Thank you!
    Aha, so it's a bug. I'll use your suggested workaround for now.
    I have reset all damage values to zero in the prefab, and the warnings are all gone, great!
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