Status: Known / In Progress

Players find that when dismounting the minibike sometimes the game can UI can glitch out or the game may crash some time later but the minibike parts will duplicate and replace their toolbelt.

This is possibly linked to hoping off of a bike while it is still in motion. If this is something you do, please wait for the bike to come to a complete stop before you hop off to see if that helps prevent the issue.

Player CLASSICS also provided this workaround:

We did notice something interesting about it this time, it is actually possible to save your hotbar [Toolbelt] items from being destroyed. If, as soon as you notice your hotbar glitching out, you place all your hotbar items in your inventory or a chest before you quit/crash, then they will still be there after the minibike parts dupe into your hotbar upon rejoining. This means that, after the hotbar glitches out, the items are still there and aren't just ghosts, in a manner of speaking. When he logged back in, he still had parts that duped into his hotbar, but because he moved everything off his hotbar and into his inventory, no items were replaced/lost. If nothing else it's a workaround that may save some people some frustration.