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Thread: Getting Started Prefabbing - Complete (POI Creation)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genosis View Post
    Did you just clear the blocks/terrain, or did you delete the prefab designated bounds as well?

    That is, in the world editor, look at the map, do you still see green squares where those POI's used to be? If so, make sure you are showing bounds in your settings, select it, hit K to open up properties, and select "Delete prefab". That should unregister the prefab from that area, and will no longer render the mesh in that location.

    That's a guess, I haven't tried but in theory that should work from what I understand of the prefab system.

    That's exactly what I did. It doesn't work. I'm certain it works if I was running the game directly from my same client PC. But once transferred to the dedicated server, those deletions are ignored as far as distant POI mesh. The prefabs are gone, but not the mesh.

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    Meshes are loaded into the chunk. Delete the region files AFTER removing the pois from spawning should work.

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