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I can only speak for myself, so you (I suppose you are speaking on behalf of TFP since your are "community moderate") can of course ignore my personal opinion, as you have ignored the 52% people on steam who only represented their own opinions.

The fact is apparent: before A17, most people are positive to the game, and after A17, most people are negative. This has not happened with A16, or A15. What does the statistical data tell? I think we both know.

I am a software/game developer with about 20 years experience. What I can see from the A17 prototype is that the team is short of both expertise and professionalism to actually finish a product at the moment. (For example, the Mac 18 minutes crash bug which should be the highest priority bug on Mac team's bug list, still remains in B9, which is unbelievable with a professional team.) I am sorry for saying this, if it hurts someone.

The team needs "learning by doing" in game development to eventually become a great team, so instead of leap up to A17, incrementally improving A16 is a practical approach for production.

Everyone can make mistakes, but how to deal with own mistakes distinguish people.

One very important point to correct here, I definitely am not a employee of TFP, or affiliated with them in any meaningful sense. Like other moderators, I was just a forum member like anyone else, before being asking to help out moderating the forums.

When I speak, I speak only for myself (which, ironically, was the point I was trying to make in my reply to your post).

There's no denying that reviews have ticked downward somewhat on A17, but as Roland as also pointed out, there's also no unanimity in what people are complaining about, and even more importantly, some of the complaints are diametrically opposed to one another, fixing one would necessarily make those on the other side of that issue unhappy.

Pimps can't please 'em all I guess.

My attitude is this (and again, I stress this is my own personal opinion), there's aspects to A17 I don't like, either because they affect my own personal play style or because I consider them backwards steps.

So why aren't I jumping up and down?

Because TFP have delivered 16 prior great Alphas, have done so through a series of experiments (not all of which have worked out), that have ended up with a great game, so in Pimps we trust that they'll look at whats working well, enhancing that, look at what's not working well, modifying or eliminating that, and continue to refine the rest.

I trust 'em to get that right in the end, so I'm less concerned about any little detours along the way.