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I find it extremly stupid how there is no headshot damage now without a perk for it, and if I heard right it only effects ranged weapons? IMO there should be some headshot mult there, but the perk makes it better, like maybe 3x base, perk can make that 3x into maybe 5-6x. I hope they change their mind on that, In A16 I used to love some of the crazy long range headshots I'd pull off, but in A17 there is no reason not to go for body shots unless you have that perk... Unless zombies don't take full damage from body shots, maybe they take half, and to get a full damage shot you have to head the head?

In the Intel skill video, The barter lv 5 perk should be "has a better chance" to have legendary items, not always has them, as it'll make alot of the game pointless, as everyone would just rush to 10 int, and max the barter perk, you could bypass most of the crafting stuff this way. As a example in A16 I never take the armorcraft perks at all, there is no point, when its easy enough to find high quality armor in the traders. I also never bothered with guncrafting skill in A16, as there is no real need to. I'd probally also mod out the exp gain bonus or severely reduce it, depending on how fast leveling seems to be, can't tell that till I actually play it. The crafting skills are nice, but I'd have prefered alot of that to be from getting books than wasting perk points on.
I agree with this, assuming that the headshot damage was indeed removed as Madmole seemed to point out in his video. I feel like even without a perk there should be an incentive to aim well, rather than always shoot at centre-mass. Same for the legendaries, the perk should just increase chances rather than just be a guaranteed one. Makes it more interesting, I think.