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Thread: A long feedback to the game.

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    A long feedback to the game.

    I would like to give you a very long feedback, so that the game is even better

    first I would like to apologize for my terrible english
    To start, I'd like to say I find "7 Day to Die" very great and it's a very successful idea!
    Also very great we find that one can play the game on the console, via split screen. THANK YOU !!!
    I write this feedback not only for myself, but also in the names of other players I know
    Now to my feedback and the notes I have. (This is for the PS4)

    Hunger and thirst:
    It is a good idea to get hungry and thirsty. But it is much too exaggerated. You have to eat far too much to be satisfied and has too fast hunger and thirst again.
    Yes, there is a skill, but it is too hard.
    I am a strong person, but even I can eat and drink as much as the character does. Maybe you can make it even more realistic.
    The food could also be used several times.
    You bake a cake and you can eat it 8 times. Always a piece of cake.

    The weather:
    It is great that there are different climate zones, and the character is warm and cold. But that is not yet well balanced.
    The character is constantly warm or cold in a single climatic zone.
    When I change the climatic zone, I understand that. But if I am permanently in a climate zone, the character should not change constantly between warm and cold.
    In the desert it is supposed to be warm in the daytime and cold in the night. But my character freezes on the Day and sweats in the night ?!
    In addition, the weather changes much too often in one day. From rain to fog, to sun, to rain, to frost and again to fog in a day!
    And you have far too often bad weather, a bit more nice weather would be great!

    The zombies are so far ok.
    But the different hitpoints for the same zombie are extreme.
    The only one I need only two to three shot with the gun and he is dead, and the other time I need a whole magazine is the zombie is dead, and it is the same type of zombie.
    Perhaps you can also make an adjustable option.
    (few hitpoints, normal hitpoints, many hitpoints of the zombies)
    Or the weapons should do more damage.

    The Screaming Zombies Calling More Screaming Zombies, this is really extreme. That should not be!
    We already had larger and stronger zombie hordes, at our door than the zombie horde, which comes every 7 days.
    Maybe you can change that, please!

    In addition, the Screaming Zombies always feel the forge always ?!
    We have built the forge already deep in the earth and also built on top of a very high building. But the Screaming zombie always notices the forge. It would be nice if you could shut off the heat of the forge. With thick walls, deep under the earth or far up.

    Also other zombies can trick you deep under the earth and far up, in a building. Although the many massieve blocks are in between. This could be improved.

    Well to ideas for the game:

    The Weapons:
    It is already great that s different weapons there.
    But there could still be more.
    But it would be enough to change the skin of the weapon.
    You could, instead of an AK-47, assemble a machine gun, and then you could select one of "three" skins. (for example, AK-47, M-16, G-36)
    And the same for submachine gun (H & K MP5, UZI, EVO 3 A1)
    And maybe for the other weapons as well.
    You could do it as with the shotgun,
    Only a few parts change and most parts are the same.
    It would be nice if the hunting gun had at least 5 shots in the magazine.
    We also asked ourselves why the fire ax makes as little damage to zombies. An ax should do more damage than any club!
    There are the skill blade weapons. Then it should also give more bladed weapons! How about a machete or a sword ?!
    The field into which the flashlight is placed should be a general field for equipment.
    And there should be more equipment, such as a silencer,
    which can be mounted on the weapons.

    The minibike is already cool.
    We would like it very well if there were more vehicles in the future.
    for example, a small car for two or four players.
    If you could upgrade the minibike to a real motorcycle.
    and a boat would be great !!!
    We have a random map that seems to be 50% out of water.
    It would be really great if you could travel faster on water there, aslo to swim!

    Build a farm o.O :
    Yes, we thought it would be cool to grow chickens and pigs.
    You could chickens attract and catch. Then turn it into a fenced area, or a barn so they can not run away.
    Then build nests there. And the nests are used by the chickens. You can then find eggs and feathers in the nests. And sometimes the chickens multiply, then you can slaughter a chicken now and then. And you could do something similar with the pigs.

    We had the idea, you could build a fishing rod, and catch fish in the water. Angel weights are already there
    And then you could fry fish or cook.

    How about creating lanterns?
    Lanterns with oil or lanterns with candles.
    You can then make it on the wall or put on the table.

    Then a general idea.
    The basic game is based on a zombie horde who wants to eat you every 7 days. This makes the game exciting in a certain way and puts you under time pressure.
    This is also so far good.
    But it would be nice if there was the option to turn off the Horde.
    Only as an adjustable option. So you could also play a normal survival game without being forced to build a fortress so that one does not eat the zombie horde.
    Then you can also install an option that the zombie horde comes only every 14 days or only once a month.
    There the hardcore players will complain, that no one needs.
    But there are not only hardcore players who like these games!

    I would like to end my feedback.
    I hope that some suggestions were made and that the game will provoke it.

    I thank you for your time.
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    You make alot of good points, also I want to say that it takes approx 1 month to die of starvation and 3 days from thirst in the real world, not 1-2 days! And the boat idea is good too, my brother was playing my XB1 and he met either an ocean, sea or very, very large lake when traveling towards the center of a random-gen map. And the car idea is very good too. Just to make it short, every one of the ideas you stated here is great!

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    I have now actually found a Machete.
    Aslo already exists. But they are very rare!

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    supplement 1

    Hi, again.
    We wanted to complement the post.

    We have seen that there should be new vehicles in the PC version.
    We hope they also come for the consoles.
    Unfortunately, a BOAT is still missing :P

    It's cool that the food is now displayed as a percentage.
    But still you have to eat too much, even with the skill at maximum.
    Please try yourself so much to eat if you are hungry

    We still hope for many new weapons and weapon types

    We read that there is a modd in which you can fish, and there are many new items. take a look at it

    And the weather is still far too often, too bad !!!!
    No matter where we are, it's 75% fog, rain or snowstorm.
    That's so extremely unrealistic. Please, please make more good weather, where you can see something!

    That the characters freeze and sweat is still a good idea but poorly implemented. Sorry.
    If two characters stand next to each other and about the same clothes, with -12c and -13c, and he sweats and the other freezes, then that's wrong!
    Hot and cold is completely arbitrary! That's too bad.
    You freeze and overheat too fast!
    There are so many clothes off you can not use it, because you overheated to 90% immediately! No matter where you are, only in the snow, there you freeze.
    Yes you can try to combine the clothes so that you do not sweat.
    But if, for example: the military helmet, the military uniform and the military boots, always and everywhere except in the snow, you are freezing without a jacket.

    We hope you can do it better!

    Thank you
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    At the beginning it just seems strange, but why can I reload a gun (without the skill to build / repair guns) but not take out the ammunition. This is extremely illogical! :/
    It would be nice if there was a function where you can simply unload the weapons.

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