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Thread: [10/24] Message from the Team - Patch 12 going Live!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splitknuckler View Post
    I have to admit this is getting irritating...i see pc users still able to loot from a good distance away. They don't have ridiculous arrow drop yet either. Console has these "balances" to make it more realistic... fine. Why hasn't pc incurred these changes yet? Arrow drop? Fine. Give us sights on the crossbow like pc has! How about a 90 minute day cycle option?
    Idk what I'm trying to say. Haven't posted in a while, so I had to let out a couple of gripes I guess lol
    Ahh, the arrow drop was in the PC version long before it was in the console. Happens to bullets also, but is less noticeable. It's still there too. At least, it is in the vanilla game. You can mod it out if you want on PC.

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    I watch gamez4kickz, kage848 and skippy0330 regularly...g4k and kage do a lot of modded stuff, but i thought I saw these things (and zoom on the bow) in vanilla. I might be mistaken, idk. But fair enough

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