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Thread: Ravenhearst Mod

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    Ravenhearst Mod

    Ravenhearst has descended upon us! Ravenhearst is an SDX mod that adds over 200 new items, stations, weapons, decorative pieces and more to give you an experience like never before. Military presence in the Wastelands, Awful creatures that come out to play at night and an overhauled Progression system that rewards players of all types while increasing the distance it takes to get to the end game are some of the things awaiting your play through.

    Keep in Mind this is a mod that is very much a work in progress. There will be frequent updates and game save wipes when necessary. We can NOT offer help or support to older version of the Mod. Please stay Current if Possible.

    Ravenhearst 4 Has Released

    Welcome to Ravenhearst 4! A scary new world of mutations and freaks unleashed upon the world of the undead. This time around we have peppered our world with new changes and ideas. We hope to gain feedback on these ideas as we plan our future going forward into Alpha 17! Below are some of the horrific and mind bending changes you can expect in this new world. There are many more to be discovered but this should be enough information to set you out on your course of destruction!

    Building and Upgrading
    Building your home away from home has completely changed. Now you MUST start with wood frames for ALL shapes. I have added a frame for every piece. There is one upgrade path. From Wood to Steel. So plan accordingly and make every second count as the days rise and the undead begin to take over. You will need innovation to survive!

    New Items and Classes
    Having a hard time finding that wrench or hammer? The Survivor now starts with the ability to make a stone hammer, which acts as a makeshift wrench and upgrade tool. Clamoring to cook some delicious dishes? The new Cook Class starts you out with the luxuries of a seasoned cook and as a bonus a Bloody Cleaver to slice your way through the undead. All classes have had their rewards tweaked and their steps consolidated to make for a better questing experience!

    They are Coming to Get You Barbara
    We aren't ignorant. They ARE coming to get you. The world is much more dangerous now. The undead have taken over and with them Hive Zombies have infected the population. Mixed in with the normal undead Hive zombies are here to sneak up on you when you least expect it. Easy to kill but offering little reward it is up to YOU to decide if you want to slaughter them, or allow them to overwhelm you in their massive numbers.

    Don't Go In There
    The Hive zombies must have a place to call home. And if you happen to find these homes you will be overrun by the sheer terror of their presence. Dotted around cities are Hive Houses. They appear to be normal houses but inside are dozens of hive zombies waiting to eat your flesh. Make it through the horde to find the special Emergency Supply crate for a chance at some much needed survival supplies.

    The Horde Is Coming
    Horde Nights are more dangerous and starting out you will see a slight increase in what you are normally used to. Gamestages will increase more quickly and dying...well it wont lower your stage at ALL. So plan accordingly. Oh wait....those footsteps. Is that...Rath? Beware Rath, he packs quite a "Punch"

    What Have They DONE To This Place
    Along with the other changes you are going to notice things work a lot differently around here now. Scavenging is gone. Now it passively levels. Engines need to be built, tires made from Rubber you find on the streets and normal 100 level skills can no longer be bought but must be earned through good old fashioned work. There are some new stations like the Carpenters Bench and the Appliance Table. And some older ones are now gone too, consolidated into bigger benches.(edited)

    I Knew I Saw That Wrench Somewhere
    Take caution as you work with your tools and weapons. When they degrade they now BREAK. Make sure to repair them often, and with the new repair kits system. Each class of tool and weapon have their own special repair kits you can craft or find.

    The Weight of the World Is On ME
    Encumbrance makes its debut in 7 Days to Die. Carry what you like, but mind the weight. Larger heavier items can weigh you down if you carry too many like engines. Guns and weapons are mid level. Special care has been taken to ensure building wont be TOO impacted by this, but it wouldn't be a world of living anguish if there was not SOME penalty for carrying 5000 cement around now would it. The Minibike is now your best friend.

    The Infection is KILLING Me
    The buffs system has been entirely rebuilt. It now means something to get infected, dirty or bitten. Hygiene is also very important in the Apocalypse and could lead to infected wounds. Snake Bites can be a death sentence and you must also now rest every night in a bed or chair to ensure you don't start to imagine that this is a world where everything is out to kill you.... even though they are!

    Please Dont Kill Me Bro
    Dying in Ravenhearst now comes with "special" rewards. Your food and water will diminish to 20 percent on respawn and your wellness... well it still goes down by 10. But now the minimum it can go is to 50!

    The Best Cracker In The Business
    Lockpicking can now be used to crack open safes and pick doors. You will need to become better at this skill by first starting out opening doors. As you progress you can move on to safes around the world. Safes are also now VERY hard to break open so Lockpicking will be the most efficient way of getting those firearms.

    Board Up The Windows
    You will notice that now you can pull boards off boxes and doors. When you do you will receive the boards that can be used to place on doors and windows. These boards have higher health and can be very useful to quickly seal up a building. Prying the boards from doors and boxes also allows you to silently access boxes and houses. Using a hammer or crowbar in your hand and pressing E reduces the time it takes to pry the boards off.

    Research Pays Off
    You will now need to research before you can make and use a Research Desk and its recipes. Knowledge Points can now be read like a quest in order to gain Experience in Researching. As you level it you will unlock more recipes. The Research Desk is now more useful as well, not only allowing you to craft classes but recipes, quests and more!(edited)

    Where is My FOOD
    Beginning is going to be harder. Early stage food is scarce and you will need to rely on whatever you can find, including insects! As you progress you will find recipes for other types of foods with benefits but snacking can come at a cost!

    The Fallout Zone has spread! Beware where you step! Medics will now be the sole learner of the Trioxin, and its requirements have been lowered. Antibiotics and other medical items now require compounds and mixtures. Hazmat suits can be found or rewarded one piece for each weapon class you complete in full.

    Folsom Prison Blues
    Make your way carefully around the world. Prisoners and Bandits are scattered and while they may get distracted by the normal zombies, eventually they will turn to you! They are quite juiced up on heroin and Blue Ice so be careful! If anything perhaps the cannibalistic Ghouls will take care of them for you?

    Dig You Son of a
    Mining has been slightly tweaked. Now you can find deposits of Rock Salt and Limestone and Carbon which will aid you in creating cement, salt, steel and more.

    No Place Like...Home
    Over a dozen new POIs, dozens more returning favorites and many more tweaked for loot, zombies and more offers you a world like never before seen. Tweaked RWG by Makabriel brings you populated cities spread far out, close knit neighborhoods ripe for the picking and wilderness POIs like you have never seen before! Traders no longer offer protection and their buildings can be destroyed! There is always something to find, right down to ultra rare super sized POIs.


    Keep in mind some of these ideas are more of a test to see what works and doesn't for 17. Also PLEASE note this mod slants to hardcore. We will NOT make adjustments based on ease of gameplay. We invite any and all feedback but going in please be aware this mod is NOT designed for new players AT ALL.
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    Dedicated Server Links for 4.0.1

    The links below contain The entire Ravenhearst 4.0 Install, including Dedi files. They are an all in one for people who wish to play Single Player by direct downloading and can also be used by server managers or owners to place on their machines to run RH for a server.

    7 Days Horde Version Server Files

    The normal 7 day Blood Moon version for servers

    21 Days Horde Version Server Files

    Perfect for "always on" servers. You will get Blood Moons on every 21st day. Gamestages are also tweaked for this new Blood Moon schedule so hordes will not escalate too quickly.

    7 Day Horde Streamer Version Server Files

    Normal 7 Day Blood Moons but more streaming friendly. Features of this version include no nude/stripper zombies, profanity from traders and bandits removed no children zombies and copyright sound effects from the Night Terrors replaced to ensure DMCA free uploading.

    21 Day Horde Streamer Version Files

    21 Day Blood Moons but with the features of the Streamer version.


    Archived Files

    Looking for an older version of Ravenhearst? The links include an archived version of all major releases dating back to version 1.0.

    The following links will remain permanent if you would like to go back to an earlier version. These files each include all the extra files in a seperate folder like Extra Spawning, Disabled Weather etc. All links also provide the server files for each version if available.

    7 Day Horde Edition

    This is the default Ravenhearst mod with 7 day hordes, weather, nude zombies etc. Includes Server Files.

    21 Day Horde Edition

    This is the 21 Day Blood Moon Edition with all default settings. Includes Server Files.

    7 Day Horde Streamer Friendly

    This is the 7 Day Blood Moon Edition with Streamer Friendly settings including no nudity, no profanity and all copyrighted audio removed. Includes Server Files.

    21 Day Horde Streamer Friendly

    This is the 21 Day Blood Moon Edition with Streamer Friendly settings including no nudity, no profanity and all copyrighted audio removed. Includes Server Files.



    The best way to download and STAY updated is through the Mod Launcher. This ensures you get the latest up to date files and also offers you way more variety in not only my mod but multiple other mods too. Designed by sphereii the Mod Launcher is an essential tool for the 7 Days Mod Playing Enthusiast.

    Current Version: 4.0.1


    "Some of our stations have a fire effect that will not extinguish. This is due to the the custom 3-d asset not saving properly. There are 2 fixes for this.

    1. When you place a new station make sure you place something in it and turn it on and then off again. This will "save" the model as working properly and you will not have the permanent fire issue.

    2. If you already placed the station, you can empty it and pick it up if it is in a land claimed spot. Place it back down and then do the steps in 1. Place it, light it up and turn it off to "save" it.

    Unfortunately this is the only way to fix this issue on custom assets without removing the fire effect and sound completely and then you will not know if it is on or off unless looking inside it."


    Contacting Me and Development Team Interaction

    I know a few of you have been looking for support and to have questions answered. I have been absolutely swamped with work, RL and working on 3.1 that I do not frequently have time to be able to come here and answer all questions. Your best bet is to head over to Discord and there are a number of VERY knowledgeable players and mods, myself included, that are always around to answer questions. It is a very active and great community. You will also find discussions on upcoming 3.0 features and guides to a lot of mechanics in Ravenhearst.


    Server Hosting

    Host Your Own Ravenhearst Server

    Bluefang currently hosts the 7 Day version and Streamer version of Ravenhearst! Just select the Ravenhearst option that is best for you! Their setup is flexible and offers everything you need. Want to upload your OWN XML edits and mods for others to play on your server? You can do that EASILY with full FTP Access.

    If you decide to rent with Bluefang using this link 5 percent of the sale will go towards adding new assets into the mod and is a great way to support its development. Bluefang is offering Ravenhearst free of any additional charges to their customers.

    NON Referral Direct Link To Bluefang

    Referral Link Below

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    Class List for 4.0

    Each class provides exclusive recipes and tools or weapons. Listed below is what you can expect.

    Handguns Class

    Handguns Expert Questline
    Level 300 Pistol
    500- 9mm Bullets
    5- Gun Repair Kits
    Free point in the 9MM Round crafting Perk
    Manual that gives you the ability to repair, modify and disassemble Pistols
    Exclusive assembly of the Desert Eagle
    Access to the basics of Ammo Crafting
    Exclusive access to the Pistol Skills Perk
    Exclusive access to the The Outlaw and Deadshot perks
    End Quest Reward: Hazmat Boots Q600

    Rifles Class

    Rifles Expert Questline
    Level 300 SMG
    1000- 9mm Bullets
    5- Gun Repair Kits
    Free point in the 9MM Round crafting perk
    Manual that gives you the ability to repair, modify and disassemble Assault, Hunting and Sniper Rifles
    Exclusive assembly of the M25 Sniper and the VSS Vintorez
    Access to the basics of Ammo Crafting
    Exclusive access to the Rifle Skills Perk
    Exclusive access to the Better Lead than Dead Perk
    End Quest Reward: Hazmat Pants Q600

    Shotguns Class

    Shotguns Expert Questline
    Level 300 Sawed-off Shotgun
    500- Shotgun Shells
    5- Gun Repair Kits
    Free point in the Shotgun Shell crafting Perk
    Manual that gives you the ability to repair, modify and disassemble Shotguns
    Exclusive assembly of the Boomstick and Reggie Special
    Access to the basics of Ammo Crafting
    Exclusive access to the Shotgun Skills Perk
    Exclusive access to the Boomstick and Splattergun perks
    End Quest Reward: Hazmat Shirt Q600

    Archery Class

    Archery Expert Questline
    Level 300 Iron Bow
    250 Iron Arrows
    Exclusive access to create Stone Crossbow Bolts
    Exclusive access to the Arrow Crafting perk
    Exclusive assembly of the Repeating Crossbow
    Exclusive access to the Legolas perk
    End Quest Reward: Hazmat Gloves Q600

    Blunt Weapons Class

    Blunt Expert Questline
    Level 300 Spiked Club
    5 pieces of Forged Iron for repairs
    Exclusive access to craft Lucille
    Spiked Club schematic
    Exclusive access to the Pummel Pete and Breaking and Entering Perks
    End Quest Reward: 5 Trioxin

    Blade Weapons Class

    Blades Expert Questline
    Level 300 Kukri
    5 pieces of Forged Iron for repairs
    Exclusive access to craft the Blade of Helmel
    Manual that teaches you to create various Kukri and the Hunting Knife
    Exclusive access to the Knife Guy, The Decapitator and Machete Crafting perks
    End Quest Reward: Hazmat Mask Q600(edited)

    Cooking Class

    Cooking Expert Questline
    Level 300 Bloody Cleaver
    Cooking pot, 50 Glass Jars, 50 Clay Bowls
    Exclusive Dinner and Breakfast Meal recipes
    Exclusive Butcher's Knife and Bloody Cleaver recipes
    Exclusive Skillet and Barbecue Grill
    Exclusive access to the Advanced Cooking Perk

    Farming Class

    Farming Expert Questline
    Level 200 Blunderbuss
    100- Blunderbuss Ammo
    Level 200 Pitchfork
    2 Repair Kits
    3 pieces of Forged Steel
    10 Fertilizer
    5 packs of Plant seeds
    Sickle and Gardening Hoe Schematic
    Exclusive Compost and Composter recipes
    Exclusive Double Barreled Blunderbuss and Pitchfork Recipes
    Exclusive access to Seeds, starting with Chrysanthemum, Cotton, Goldenrod and Yucca

    Medical Class

    Medical Expert Questline
    Level 300 Scalpel
    3 Splints, 1 First Aid Kit, 1 Antibiotic, 5 Peroxide, 5 painkillers
    First Aid Kit Schematic
    Herbal Antibiotics Recipe
    Exclusive access to the Antibiotics, Reinforced Splint, Blue Ice, Disinfectant Bandage, Scalpel and
    Trioxin recipes.
    Exclusive access to the Cannabis Seed recipe

    Survival Class

    Survivor Expert Questline
    Level 200 Survivor's Machete
    Level 150 Claw Hammer
    5 Animal Traps
    Fishing Rod Schematic
    Exclusive access to the Cooking Pot, Cooking Grill, Glass Jar and Clay Bowl recipes
    Exclusive access to the Stone Hammer, Stone Knife and Survivor's Machete recipes
    Exclusive access to the Chicken Coop, Chicken Feed and Rain Catcher recipes

    Average Joe Class

    A Torch
    A Wooden Sign
    Some snacks
    A snazy suit

    And the rules to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse memorized...


    Mods That Have Inspired Me And Ones You Should Definitely Check Out

    The Remaining

    War of the Walkers



    A Clockwork Project




    Bad Company

    True Survival

    Darkness Falls

    The Devils Eden

    Guppycur's Medieval Mod



    Also if you have not done so check out our website

    We now have a work in progress Wiki which you can check out here
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    The Thank You Section

    This version is a labor of love for sure by many people. Our goal was to slow every possible gameplay style a bit to give a more rewarding and hopefully more scary survival experience. Day one will NOT be easy this go around!

    My first endeavour was very much a solo project with some input from our server members. This time around we assembled a team of the best people who understood what Ravenhearst is about. I want to give a second to thank them. You should as well. Without them, their hours of testing, arguing, discussion, brainstorming and blood sweat and tears 4.0 would not be what it is right now.

    Sinder, for being loyal as F and for her reassuring talks in my time of anger and doubt. She put in hours upon hours of questing, testing, starting over, designing our town for our server and good lord going over descriptions with a fine tooth comb. There is so much more that I can never truly thank her enough for.

    Makabriel for his hours of work, his rwg tweaks, his invaluable knowledge and time inside xmls and work on fixing them up for you guys. And for putting up with me.

    Dan Capo for his tireless work in food balancing, poi editing and pouring over XMLS for mistakes, misspellings, categories and so much more. Dan has truly been a gift to our mod. When you die of hunger, please give Dan a special thought

    Fallen Dice for his firmness on balancing, and helping me to see things when I was very biased in one direction. Frantic Dan for his work on checking weapons and balancing as well as progression and his patience in starting over. Copendub for his countless hours of testing during a busy schedule. Bradmin for his loyalty and his ideas as well as his help on the test servers, along with 2nd Recon for his inspiring ideas. Dex for his friendship and advice. So many people came together to make this mod special including Wolf Den Entertainment and HoboJesus. A HUGE shout out to my DONA Whitelist for testing and reporting bugs.

    Also bear in mind that there are SDX models in this game and as such loading times may be a bit slower than usual. Patience will be the key here. If you do experience in game lag turning down zombies can help with this.

    I want to give credit and thanks to those who have influenced me in ways I can not express. Pacco, Valmar, Dwallorde, sphereii, Guppycur, drkstardragon, Spider, Xyth, Skippy, Xtrakicking, StompyNZ and so many others who without your help and guidance I couldn't have made this mod possible.

    Special Thanks to Sirillion for working with us to create the awesome UI you see in game. You can check out his work here

    For another fantastic SDX mod check out Sergant1000 and his Experimental Recipes mod. Over the year of piecing together some of this mod we have included his pickaxe and his water bottles.

    A very special thank you to Xyth, Morte and the rest of the Starvation Team. The Vintorez model is indeed the model used in Starvation. This may not be distributed or used without their permission.


    Special thank you to Kaiser502 for his radiated sewers and generators.

    Thank you to Scomar for the German Translations. If you wish to translate for us in any other language please contact me.

    Special shout to Tin and his fantastic work on random gen and his discussions on Zombie AI. We have used many of his tweaks over the course of developing Ravenhearst and they have made our mod that much stronger. Check out his AWESOME harddcore mod The Devils Eden

    TopMinder gets a HUGE thank you for his awesome and amazing POIs like the Hospital. Andyjoki's Pyramid is a HUGE end game goal in Ravenhearst. We are eternally grateful for letting us include them.

    MANY huge thanks to a very talented new SDX modder for allowing the use of his vehicles in our mod stedman420.

    And to the haters. Thank you. You push me to make you hate me even more than you already do!
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    Setting Up a Server (Special Thanks to BMT for these Instructions)

    Quote Originally Posted by BMT View Post
    I just started too but it's not too hard to setup compared to other games. here's how I have a working setup for a dedicated running from a local machine, that also connects as a client to play.

    Install 7 Days to Die Dedicated Server in your Steam tools library. (and install 7 Days To Die itself already if you haven't )

    Get yourself 7D2D RAT (Remote Admin Tool), along with the BCManager and server fix mods it tells you to get on its download page. Get the 7D2D Mod Launcher, set your mod install destination to anything outside of your Steam install and then install whichever day schedule you're planning on playing (using the option to copy from your steam directory), so in my case I got Ravenhearst SDX SP 21 Day Blood Moons (which will make that folder where you have specified - eg. C:\7D2D\Dawn_of_the_New_Apocalypse\Ravenhearst_SDX _SP_21_Day_Blood_Moons\ - I'll refer to this as Ravenhearst Install).

    Extract the 2x mods required for 7D2D RAT (BCManager and 3x Allocs_ folders) into your Ravenhearst Install mods folder.

    Copy the 7DaysToDieServer_Data, Data and Mods folder from your 7 Days To Die Dedicated Server folder (in your SteamLibrary/steamapps/common) to the Ravenhearst Install. Also copy the 7DaysToDieServer.exe* from your dedicated folder to the Ravenhearst Install.

    Configure your server settings using 7D2D RAT. If you are running the host from the same machine make sure to check 'Enable Local Server'. Make sure the Server Path dir is set to your Ravenhearst Install. Set the executable name to 7DaysToDieServer.exe*. Make sure Telnet is enabled in the connections tab (essential for controlling the server with RAT). Click Start server, if its the first time making the server and using a new seed give it a while to generate the world, it may seem unresponsive for a few minutes. Then you and your peeps join using the Mod Launcher!

    Update, minor notes: If you play a private server with friends you don't need to worry about using EAC. Make sure you and your players have "Refresh Mods Automatically" checked in your Mod Launcher!

    Official White Listed Server

    While everyone here is allowed to use this mod on their servers as they see fit we DO have an Official Server where this mod was developed and where you can find various members from this thread and forum playing occasionally, as well as myself and my wife. We have been proud to offer a safe and fun interactive community for over 2 years now. You may sign up to our website here if you are interested in playing with us. Keep in mind you will need to fill out an application and have no other Vac or 7 Days GBL bans to join us. We are a PVE server.

    Dawn of the New Apocalypse Website



    Streamers Who Have Streamed Ravenhearst

    A Huge thank you to the following for getting immersed into the world of Ravenhearst!

    Mike Pope

    My IDOL has finally done a play of Ravenhearst! Please check it out.

    Amazing member of our Discord community. VERY entertaining and incredibly sexy

    Boop is a streamer on our official server who streams from the server


    Another idol of mine in the streaming community who play ALL types of mods

    Malivia Gaming


    The LEGEND!


    VERY loyal Ravenhearst Hardcore Streamer

    Cryptic streams from our server and also does LetsPlays!



    Games4Kickz YouTube Lets Plays


    Member of our official server very active in our Discord

    Member of our official server very active in our Discord

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    What is Ravenhearst

    -Redesigned Weapon and Tool Progression. There are now Primitive Crafting, Iron Crafting and Steel Crafting Skills. Each tool and weapon has been assigned to these and you can not unlock the next tier until you have progressed in the first one.

    -The campfire is now only for basic necessities. To make more complex recipes you will need the new Advanced Campfire. For the best wellness and fullness there are several stoves which you can use to cook more complex recipes.

    -Bigger Backpack now carries 72 items

    -Storage Box you can write on using text inputs. In MP this is a bit buggy as the players near you wont be able to see what you write, only you can.

    -Night terrors that only come out at night do significant damage and are hard to kill but the rewards may JUST be worth it! These are mostly found in Wasteland and Burnt Biomes.

    -Stations with new and updated models include a Blacksmithing Station for crafting tool heads, which you use to make tools and weapons, Drying Rack for curing leather and hides and making paper as well as Jerky and Trail Mix, Tailor Station for crafting leather and cloth armor and clothing and a Decoration Station which includes dozens of new recipes and blocks for all of your decorating needs.

    -New melee weapons to make melee fun including Katanas, Pipes, Axes, Knives and Spears.

    -New models for Rain Catchers, Chicken Coops and Composters.

    -Trash Can that allows you to place items in and empty them like a real trash can

    -Sphereii's Transmogrifier that mixes and matches zombies of all types for a unique and scary experience

    -21 Day Blood Moon Hordes option that will only spawn a Blood Moon on 21 Days giving you time to prepare and some breathing space. Subsequent hordes spawn on Days 42, 63, 84 etc. There is also a regular 7 Day Blood Moon Horde version.

    -Workbench is now split into 2 benches, regular does your normal backpack recipes with no tools and no combine, Advanced does workbench only recipes with tools and has a combine feature.

    -New guns based off Walkers models and new models for some brand new guns. These guns have different sounds and scopes and bring a new feel to the gun game in 7 Days.

    -Diamond encrusted tools that give an end game advantage.

    -Steel and Diamond Minibikes

    -Redone Ores in Biomes. Made Biomes more important. Now you NEED to find other biomes and set up mining outposts. Snow gives more Potassium, Burnt gives more Coal and Fertilizer, Desert gives more Oil, All Forests give more Iron, Plains gives more Lead and Wastelands give Copper, Zinc and more chances of finding Diamonds. Gravel usually leads to veins but you may need to dig around a little to find an ore

    -New traps like fire traps, dirt traps that you can place over a hole and exploding chest traps for nosy neighbors.

    -Food Prep Table for preparing meals and cutting meat.

    -Skill books you can find in the world that give you extra points in skills when you read them.

    -Seeds are now crafted in the Mortar and Pestle, which also does a few other recipes. Seeds are now restricted to the Farmer Class. Aloe is open to all.

    -The Auger and Chainsaw now are part of the Electric Tools skill. When you use them this skill will level up.

    -New Cooking perk that you can purchase which will speed up Cooking and grant you access to Advanced Cooking recipes.

    -Extended Magazines and Scopes and Silencers for all the basic guns in the game.

    -Over 100 craftable blocks added from Creative.

    -Craftable electric charges you can apply to fences and some weapons to make electrified items.

    -Halicopter you can craft will take your loot home for you! The recipes is currently disabled but can be enabled in the recipes.xml. This will cause major issues on MP servers so do NOT use them on MP.

    -Craftable bricks that are used to make all brick blocks.

    -Skill that allows you to breathe underwater longer

    -Messy and Dirty buffs that you can pick up from looting corpses. You can make a wet towel to clean off. If you do not clean up in time the mess will get worse and you will need a soapy wet towel. Ignoring it for too long will result in infection.

    -Infection has been redone slightly to make it more deadly.

    -Multiple new workstation tools that you must find in loot in order to craft items in stations.

    -Sticks make their triumphant return! Wood can be scrapped into sticks to make arrows splints and more.

    -Craftable polished wood and textile that is used in all extra decorating recipes so they are easier to find.

    -Snakes now poison you. You will need Anti Venom to heal yourself.

    -The forge is now a basic item that can craft only the simplest of items. For more advanced crafts you will need to unlock and craft an Advanced Forge.

    -Mining and construction tools now have a very rare chance to drop and can only be found in traders through Secret Stash. This is to curb getting too many great tools early on and make them feel quite special when you do get them.

    -Over 60 unique and rare posters with more being added that you can collect and hang on your wall

    -Harvesting items now gives Leather Strips instead of Straight Leather which must be combined to make Leather. Using a Drying Rack is now mandatory for curing all leather.
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    This looks great, looking forward to try this one

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    Is there a Dedicated Server download?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Lorax View Post
    Is there a Dedicated Server download?
    Yes there will be very shortly. Had to get our server up and running quickly. Doing that now

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaxTeller718 View Post
    Yes there will be very shortly. Had to get our server up and running quickly. Doing that now
    Roger. Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like it will be an interesting mod.

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    Dedicated versions now uploaded in the third post for those who enjoy co-op and server play

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    Holy cow jax, now i know why you were taking your time lol. All i gotta say is i better be whitelisted


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