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Hi Press14English,

We unfortunately don't have a listserv, all patch notes are shared via the News and Announcements section of the Forum. There was a new patch released, but as it seems your save may have been corrupted by the methods explained by the team above where cloud syncing can cause game save corruption, I am not sure if the patch will change anything for you with your save that causes freeze. Especially if you can create a new game without freezing when not connected to the cloud.

I am very sorry this have happened to your save, I do not think there is anything more I can suggest to help. However if I think of anything, or if when chatting to the team they have a suggestion, I will of course update this post asap.

Does this issue exist on the PC version? If so, are multiple saves supported either in-game, or by copying an accessible set of game files manually to an alternate location on my hard drive? If the issue has been fixed, or I can back up a succession of games, I would definitely consider restarting the adventure on my PC.

Thanks for all of your help. I'll keep a hopeful eye on the news for any console developments.